A Guide To Dutch Betting

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A Guide To Dutch Betting

Posted October 5, 2014 | By Darren @ Betting Gods

If you are into horse racing, you might have come across the betting term Dutch Betting. But, have you really any idea of what this is and how it can be done?

So, what is Dutch Betting?

Dutch betting is actually a method of placing bets in a way that there is a higher chance of winning. Instead of placing a bet on a single outcome in one event, the bet is distributed to a couple of outcomes or even three. A lot of those placing bets may not feel confident with a single bet that it has to be distributed to a number of outcomes to have a greater chance of winning.

The best time to dutch bet is when you are not so confident that a single outcome/player/horse will win. There will always be those outcomes who might win the game or race instead of the one where you have put your bet on. So instead of losing your money on a single outcome, distribute it to those who have potential to win. This way, there is significantly less chance that you will lose your money.

Using Dutch Bets to Increase your Probability of Winning

Dutch betting warrants greater chances of winning as your money is distributed to a number of players. However, if this is not done right, there is a chance that you will also lose all of your money just like when losing it for a single bet. There are techniques before placing your bet though.

Computing for the bet may just be done manually. It is as easy as dividing your money for the number of players you are placing your bets on. You can equally divide the money or you can put a bigger chunk in betting for the player that you think will have greater chances of winning.

However, manual computations are rarely done now. There is what is called the Dutch betting calculator that can be readily used. This calculator is convenient to use as you can just place the figures and it will do the work.

Aside from manually computing bets and using calculators, you can also make use of game forecasts in order to increase your chances of winning. Forecasts are actually done by experts into horse racing. Besides, they are the ones who are in close watch over the players. They definitely have something to say. In fact, a lot of experts have seen a close link between forecasts and the actual game results.

The Pros of Dutch Betting

Dutch betting is widely used for a reason. There is a huge spectrum of pros linked with this type of betting. The following are just some of those.

There is a big chance of winning. Placing your bet on a number of players would always give you a greater chance of bagging the price than when placing a single bet. With the number of bets you are placing, there will surely be one that will win.

You will surely take home money. Placing a single bet is a win or lose thing while Dutch betting will give you a chance to still bag an amount.

The Cons of Dutch Betting

The pros of Dutch betting are impressive. However, this does not mean that there is no con to the deal. The only pitfall of Dutch betting is that the money you will bag is lesser than that you will get from betting on a single player. This is because of the fact that instead of placing your entire money on a single player, you have divided it to a number of players. The return of investment is lesser.

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