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A Guide To Betting On Greyhound Racing
Greyhound Racing

A Guide To Betting On Greyhound Racing

Greyhound Racing has quickly become popular, but how does one make a profit? In this guide we will include all the factors on the outcome of a race, so that you can make an informed bet, and hopefully make a profit.

The factors which will feature in this guide will be

Racing Conditions

Race Draw

Running style of the dog

Knowledge of tracks

Picking the best dog with the best value

So, let’s get right into it!

Track Conditions

Similarly, to Horse Racing, track conditions can play a vital part in the outcome of a race. Checking that the conditions isn’t making the race unfair is important, as particular conditions can favour certain types of runners. In the wet, the wide runners and front runners can both have large advantages over the other greyhounds. Runners on the inside will find it a lot harder to perform, as well as any dogs inconvenienced in the kickback. On the other hand, if the track if frozen, normally when winter strikes, it will favour the inside runners as the track becomes flattened.

Pick a well-drawn dog

After an unlucky defeat, a dog can start at a very short price. Making headway when they have been squeezed out when showing decent pace into the 3rd bend for example. This then leads to the dogs that are obviously pacey being under-priced in their next race due to the public witnessing the race and the bookies running for cover. It is recommended to pick dogs that are well drawn. The traps alone can affect the outcome of the race. It has become common that the dog with the cleanest run will most probably win the race, as the first 100 yards are enormously significant to the outcome of the race.

Go for youth over experience

One of the best pieces of advice we could give is to favour the younger, and more inexperienced dogs over the dogs that have had 100 races under their collar, and are older. In the first 20 races of a greyhound’s career, it will constantly be improving, and will learn how to run the bends more efficiently and trap better. The younger dogs will also have more pace then the older dogs, despite them not having as much experience. The younger dogs can quickly climb up through the grades, so identifying a promising young greyhound at the start of its racing career can make you profits in the future.

Only back the dog if the price is right

After you have some good knowledge of the form at a certain track it is key to price up the card as accurately as possible. Backing a dog that looks good or that are priced low is unwise, as there are too many risks in greyhound racing. It is common to see judges pricing the card based on just fancying the dogs to do well that have won in their previous races. It would be wise to look out for dogs that have been doing well, and who are priced well.

Imagine the race playing out

We know this may seem rather weird at first, but being able to race read is a great skill to have, and will only bring benefits. It is however a skill which requires a lot of experience as well as watching plenty of races, taking notes on each one. Many tracks vary from each other, and identifying a few things can lead you to winning a bet. At Monroe and Hove, there are proper gallops, so working out how each dog will run the track is important. On the other hand, at tracks like Crayford or Romford, the winners are often decided in the first 20 metres, so identifying what greyhound will probably lead will give you the likely winner of the race.

With regards to Hove again, it is often that the race will change massively after the last bend, with front runners sometimes becoming back runners.  It would be wise to identify races where there are plenty of frontrunners, and maybe a dog that dislikes being in the lead, as they will come through when the others tire out. In these types of races stamina is important, as the dogs who have sped off at the start become tired and messy. Noting down each greyhound’s preferred running style can lead to the generation of healthy profit. It is important to remember that anything can happen in a single race, but in the long run you will be see the benefits of understanding running styles.

Choose one or two tracks to become a pro at judging races

Where many punters fail are when they place bets on as many races as possible, at a wide range of tracks, losing money in the process. There are so many daily races that are now shown on TV or through a bookie stream, so it has become so easy to watch a race and pace a bet on it. It is better to just slow down, and only specialise in one or two tracks, rather than trying to bet on races on every track. You will be able to become a specialist of a track by watching 4 or 5 meetings and keeping on top of the form. This will then allow you to know everything better than what the market suggests with its prices.

Identify the better trainers

It is a given that some trainers will be better than others, with some being excellent when working with younger dogs, and others being glorified drivers and not training the dog often. As you start to identify the form at a track you will then be able to learn the traits and trends of each trainer. Trainers who aren’t as financially healthy, will tend to bet on their dog in order to generate some cash, do if heavy money is being placed on a returning dog from a break, or a dog that isn’t as popular, then that can act as a better good guide than their form.

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    I would be much obliged if you will give me information on how to win on Greyhound racing races. In short how to forecast for a winner, single as well as for 1,2 forecasts. Have you any book for dog forecasting? Do you sell it , and if How much? Thanks. Justus Amadiegwu

  2. Having sparred with Terry Dartnall for a decade at Reading dogs (one of the best trainers with pups and nurturing improvement steadily rather than dramatically), it is important to understand the significance of cash for some runners and not others.


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