Logo Review – Invest Your Losses
Casino Review – Invest Your Losses

Casino companies have built up a reputation, perhaps unfairly in some cases, as being heartless enterprises who would sell their granny to make a few quid.

As is the case in so many walks of life, there is usually an exception to the rule and, with that in mind, arrives in the online gambling sphere like a long-awaited breath of fresh air.

First thing’s first, let’s be clear on one thing – greenzorro is a company that is in the market to make money. It is certainly not a charity, and it doesn’t claim to be one either.

However, where it differs from other companies of a similar ilk is its lack of greed. From the very second that you visit the website, it is evident that it’s far from a profit-at-all-costs venture.

Setting an admirable standard for the entire industry to follow

Talk is cheap, and this review is not based on any superlatives that greenzorro may shower themselves in. The beauty of this online casino is based on actions over words. To give them their due, they really do stand out as the online casino company with a social conscience.

If their business model catches on, it could lead to a revolutionary shake-up of the online gambling industry.

Greenzorro has implemented a system that should be seen by many of its competitors as the way forward for online casinos, and online gambling in all of its forms.

Greenzorro are up front with their customers, which is always a good thing. Upon visiting their website, a greeting video tells us that, over the course of a year, 89 percent of online gamblers will lose more than they win. Straight off, this is not the kind of rhetoric we expected to hear, but we were intrigued by it.

So, we asked ourselves, if there’s a very high level of probability that we will lose out, then why gamble with greenzorro in the first place? Put simply, it’s because when you lose, you still gain. The ability to take home what you win and invest a portion of what you lose has really piqued our interest.

And then a hero comes along

This, incidentally, is where the ‘Zorro’ part of the company’s name derives from. Every time you lose, the sword-slinging hero emerges (in a fictitious sense) to save some of your losses. If you’re still confused, that’s OK. It took us a while to understand the concept too, but it’s worth paying attention.

In a month where your gains outweigh your losses, great! Enjoy spending those gains. However, in the bleak times, when losses outweigh gains, greenzorro will take a healthy percentage of your loss figure and invest it for you.

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You will be presented with a number of investment opportunities, and you can cash out of them whenever you wish. Considering it was money you lost in the first place, this must go down as a sweet deal.

In every other area of the operation, they are just like any other online casino, and they offer all of the popular games that users would expect from such a website.

Their plan is detailed and well thought out

Greenzorro claims that they can cut their customers such an attractive deal by having low operating costs to begin with. Their advertising and marketing costs are minimal, whereas in rival companies these areas account for 40 percent of the operational outlay.

Greenzorro say that “giving back should be a core principle of real money operators”. To their credit, they are putting their money right where their mouth is.

This could change everything.

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Alex Jones
Alex Jones

Great concept!

Mattia P.
Mattia P.

Really interesting. It looks like it’s not open to UK residents, though.

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