GoWager From The Guardian

GoWager From The Guardian

GoWager is a new bookmaker that has been set up by the Guardian newspaper. I know that the Guardian may be one of the UK’s largest newspapers but what do they know about bookmaking?

Well that’s where FSB Technology comes in. FSB specialise in building sports betting sites and similar platforms. These two powerhouses working together must mean good things.

So what is the site itself like? Well the site itself is very new and does not offer the insanely large selection of bets many of us have become accustomed to with other more mainstream bookmakers. When I say the selection of available bets is small I mean it. You can only select the most basic bets such as only the winner market on football bets. Having said this though the selection of sports offered is good and most events you would like to bet on will be covered.

Initially I did not like the simplicity the GoWager was offering. I wanted more markets to bet on! But the more I browsed the site the more and more I started to like it. The layout is very simple and easy to understand with a nice clean layout and the ease of finding the event you want to bet on and placing your bet is unmatched in my opinion.

So yes if you want to back total number of corners or you want to place and Asian handicap bet then GoWager may not be the correct place for you to be because they simply do not cater towards your needs. But if you are a simple bettor that only places the “obvious” bets like who will win the match or if you are in fact just getting into sports betting then Go Wager may just be the perfect place for you.

Going into a bit more detail about the advantages for beginners I would say that the simplicity is hugely in favour of GoWager. The aim for a beginner is to just place a few small bets and get the ball rolling. This should be as enjoyable as possible for them and this joy can sometimes be lost in the mess of markets available on other site. They get confused what bets to place and then it can get stressful wondering if you chose the right one. With GoWager it’s easy to just place a bet then enjoy the game without worrying about so many other variables.

On the whole I think GoWager is an excellent site for what it is but may not be the best choice for everyone.

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