Punter Essentials: What Type Of Gambler Are You?

Last Updated: February 12, 2018

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When it comes to betting, there are 6 main types of gambler which we can identify. In this article, we go through those 6 types so you can work out what type you are and whether or not you should be worried:

The Pro Gambler

As a pro gambler, you know exactly what you’re doing. You read the form cards, you look at stats and you make your own selections. Some of our network of tipsters are themselves pro gamblers who follow the exact tips that they send to their paying members.

Many of our tipsters actually started as punters who spent years to become pro gamblers and ultimately tipsters who share their knowledge with members.

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The Investment Gambler

As an investment gambler you couldn’t really care less about the sport you’re betting on. You might have no interest in horse racing or football. What you are interested in however is how you can your £1,000 into £1,250 and then £1,500 with the help of gambling.

As an investment gambler, you’ll generally take on the help of at least one pro betting tipster who can help advise you on the best bets to place. The tipster will provide you with their expert opinion on what’s likely to win a certain race or a particular football match.

When it comes to choosing that tipster, you focus on the ROI figures, the largest drawdown on the bank, the growth of the bank since that service went public etc.

You then begin to build up a tipster portfolio, much like you would an investment portfolio, ensuring you have a diverse mix of tipsters to cover different sports and different styles of betting.

We love this type of gambler at Betting Gods. In fact, it’s our aim to help you get to this point where you’re treating our tipsters as investments instead of punts.

The Conservative Gambler

Another type of gamble we like at Betting Gods is the conservative gambler. If you put aside a set amount of money for your gambling activities and always stick to it then you are a conservative gambler.

You know exactly how much you have won or lost in a given period. You might even keep actual records of the bets you’ve placed and which tipsters you’re following.

Unfortunately, this type does seem to be few and far between which is often why people move from tipster to tipster without sticking with one service for the long run.

The Social Gambler

If you’re a social gambler, there can be cause for concern. If you find yourself placing bets at amounts you can’t afford simply because your mate is using larger stakes then you need to stop giving into peer pressure.

However, some social gamblers simply bet with their mates so they can enjoy a bit of banter about the weekend’s football action and aren’t really in it for the money but more for the pride.

Stressed Gambler

The Escapist Gambler

Are you stressed out with exams at university? Is the pressure piling up at work? Are there tensions within your family? And are you gambling?

If you are suffering with any form of stress or anxiety and are also gambling then there’s a chance you’re using gambling irresponsibly to escape your worries in the real world. 

If this is you, it is often not that you’re addicted to gambling but are using it as an excuse to ignore the real problem. If this is the case, then you need to look into what’s causing your stress or anxiety and therefore what is causing you to gamble irrationally.

Using gambling to mask an emotional problem is similar to those using drugs or alcohol to forget about issues. It is an analgesic effect rather than a euphoric response (which is what causes compulsive gamblers to continue gambling).

Seek Help! If you’re an escapist gambler then stop suffering alone and speak to someone about your problem gambling such as a family member or one of the many support groups including Gamblers Anonymous

The Compulsive Gambler

Do you now lack complete control over your gambling habits? Do you prioritise gambling over all over activities? Do you find yourself increasing your stakes to get the same excitement?

Do you find yourself betting more than you can afford to lose? Have you ever found yourself telling a small lie or stealing to cover up your gambling or to pay off outstanding debts?

To you end up chasing losses? Do you tell yourself that the next win is just around the corner and then you’ll stop?

If this sounds like you then it sounds like you fall into the category of compulsive gambler which is a real cause for concern.

But you are not alone! In the UK alone, there are a reported 400,000 problem gamblers. Not only that, but it affects all walks of life from the bloke down the road to Hollywood celebrities.

What’s important to understand is that you are not alone and help is just a click or phone call away.

Seek Help! If you’re a compulsive gambler then we highly recommend that you seek professional help from one of the many support groups out there such as GamCare or Gamblers Anonymous

Getting Help for Your Gambling

When it comes to getting help for your gambling, it’s all about talking. Whether it’s talking to a friend, a family member or anonymously to one of the many support groups, talking is key.

If you believe you may have a problem with your gambling habits, then please get into contact with either GamCare or Gamblers Anonymous and also have a read on the NHS website here.

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