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Free Golf Betting Tips: 7 Players To Watch

Free Golf Betting Tips: 7 Players To Watch

If you’re going to make bets on golf, you need to do your homework. It’s not enough to just rely on your gut – especially when you’re making larger bets.

You need to study the players, their histories, and their strengths and weaknesses to really make an informed decision about who you put your money on.

Luckily, this post is here to help.

In it, we’re telling you the top 7 players you need to be watching if you want to come away with a win yourself.

Take advantage of the free golf betting tips we’re offering here!

1. Adam Scott

First up on our list of free golf betting tips? Be sure to keep your eye on Australian golfer Adam Scott.

Not only was he ranked the number one golfer in the world in 2014, but he’s also serious competition throughout the entire PGA Tour.

His track record speaks for itself: he’s won an astounding 29 tournaments, including the Masters in 2013 and the Players Championship in 2004.

He’s been a professional since the year 2000, meaning that he’s been in the game long enough to withstand the pressure, know the courses, and continually improve his form.

His professional winnings are close to $900,000, and his scoring average is 70.001.

Betting on Scott is always a good idea, and we like that he only has one serious title to his name. It proves he’s still hungry to win, which makes betting on him as exciting as it is lucrative.

2. Ollie Schniederjans

This is one of the youngest golfers to watch on our list of free golf betting tips, at just 23 years old.

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Still, don’t let his age fool you – this American player is quite a presence on the course! In fact, he won the NCAA All-American Tournament an incredible three times while he was at Georgia Tech.

He’s currently on the PGA tour and was once ranked as the world’s number 1 amateur golfer. His average score is 70.509, and this Texan has earned over $1 million in professional money.

He has 4 top 10 finishes under his belt, and his youth means that he’s still eager to impress.

A pro since 2015, he’s also famous for not wearing a hat on the course! A perfect fit for those who also like to march to the beat of their own drum.

3. Derek Fathauer

This Floridian golfer also plays alongside his twin brother, Daryl – making them both the first ever set of twins to play in the PGA Tour.

In September of 2014, he won the Tour Championship by a single stroke, and has been a professional since 2009.

His scoring average is 71.677, and he has earned about $669,000 worth of professional money. He is ranked 84th in the FedEx Cup Rank, and has an average drive of 277.3.

Recently, he played in the Honda Classic and the Wells Fargo Championship. We’re always excited to see what he’ll do next, and he’s a great person to put your money on.

4. Matthew Fitzpatrick

This English golfer is a fan favorite, and won his first British Masters in 2015. He has 10 Top 10 Wins under his belt already, extremely rare for a golfer of his experience level.

He also won the Nordea Masters in 2016, and is currently ranked as the 32nd best player in the world. In 2013, he also won the U.S. Amateur Tournament.

At just 22 years of age, this is quite a talent – and one we have a feeling is only going to get even stronger with time.

With a scoring average of 70.830, and about $244,000 worth of professional winnings under his belt, we’re excited to see what he’ll do next.

5. Danny Willett

We couldn’t make a list of free golf betting tips without talking about the powerhouse that is Danny Willett.

He’s another English golfer with a scoring average of 73.736, and over $150,000 in professional earnings.

He has been pro since 2008, and was the winner of the BMW International Open in 2012. He has also placed second in the Omega European Masters Tournament in 2012, and has about 7 Top Ten Finishes to his name to date.

We think he has tons of potential, and would highly suggest backing him when you make your next bet.

6. Justin Rose

This English golfer is ranked 9th in the FedEx Cup Rank, and has an impressive scoring average of 69.482. He even has an Olympic Gold Medal under his belt!

In 2013, he was the winner of the U.S. Open, even defeating the famous Phil Mickelson.

He is a staple of the PGA Tour, but he is also a member of the European Tour. He has come in second place two times in the Master’s Tournament and has 19 professional wins – 7 of which were in the PGA tour.

7. Rickie Fowler

If you’re the type who likes your free golf betting tips to come with a little flair, then Rickie Fowler is the perfect golfer for you to put your money on.

One of the more famous golfers on our list, this American player is a huge star on the PGA Tour. His record speaks for him: in fact, he stayed the number 1 ranked amateur golfer for an astounding 37 weeks.

Ranked 8th in the FedEx Cup rankings, with an average score of 68.992, this guy is out of this world. A pro since 2009, Fowler has earned well over $2 million in official money and has 4 Top 10 Finishes under his belt.

This year, he did especially well in The Honda Classic.

Use These Free Golf Betting Tips To Your Advantage

If you love to watch golf for an appreciation of the game, but also so you can win some serious cash, you can’t go wrong with the free golf betting tips listed here.

Watching these 7 players, all with a variety of histories, skill sets, and opportunities ahead of them, will be as profitable as it will be thrilling.

Can’t get enough of the golf talk? Want more advice about where you should put your money in the future?

We’re the perfect place for you to come and hang out!

The information on our site gives you an edge no matter what kind of sport you’re into. If you want to become a tipster yourself, reach out to us.

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