Frankel Stud Fee Now Costs Same Price As A Ferrari

Posted November 2, 2017

By Josh @ Betting Gods

Frankel, touted as many as the best horse that has ever graced the sport of racing, has had his stud fee’s risen from £125,000 to a massive £175,000, which will come into effect next year. The two-time world champion retired in 2013, but has been adored as much as he was when he was still racing. The stud fee would cost the same as buying a pre-owned Ferrari 458 Spider!

The news of the fee rise comes after one of his achievements were emulated by Cracksman, one of his foals, when it won the Champion Stakes at Ascot two weeks ago. The win moved the horse into stardom, as it is now rated as the best horse in Europe. Another foal of Frankel is Soul Stirring, who was the first of the two to win, when it won the Japanese Classic. Whilst there is no guarantee of producing an unbeaten horse in the stallion shed, there is a high chance of success which is evident due to the successes of his foals whom are currently racing.

The bar has been set extremely high though for the two foals, as Frankel was unbeaten in 14 starts, before retiring in 2013.

The sudden rise in stud fee’s also positions Frankel nearside many of the best sport stars in the world, with regards to their potential earnings. It has been reported that this year alone, Frankel has covered with 195 broodmares who have been brought from different parts of the world. It is proposed that he will cover another 150 mares next year.

It also comes to no surprise that his owner, Khalid Abdullah, will go on to earn £23 million a year from Frankel.

It is important however to consider that many broodmares will already belong to Abdullah, and many other broodmares may have return discounts. Also, if you thought the fees for Frankel was high, wait until you find out the fee of Dubawi, who costs £250,000. It is also reported that Frankel’s father, Galileo, is even more expensive, but the figure has been kept secret.

So, the question has been set, is £175,000 worth it, to produce a horse whose father won the world championship two times, and went unbeaten during his career? Well as mentioned, for the same price you could go onto Autotrader and buy a Ferrari 458 Spider, or you could even decide to buy an apartment in the city.

So, Frankel’s Stud Fee. Bargain? or would you rather spend your money elsewhere?

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