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What Is A Goliath Bet?
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What Is A Goliath Bet?

Goliath was a Philistine giant that was felled by the considerably smaller David. So, if you fancy slaying one of the giant bookmakers that make millions of pounds each year – you might want to consider placing a Goliath bet.

A goliath bet really is as big as it sounds, as it uses eight selections and makes them into a gigantic 247 bets including doubles, trebles, 4-folds, 5-folds, 6-folds, 7-folds, and an 8-fold. You can see how many of each type of bet there is in the table below.

Type Of Bet In GoliathHow Many In A Goliath

Winning from a Goliath Bet

There are no singles in a Goliath, so you won’t get a return if just one of your selections wins (or places if it’s an each-way Goliath). But if you get two winners or two places you will get a return, and these are called doubles.

If you imagine that you have picked eight selections names A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H, all selections combine with all of the other selections to form 28 doubles. For example, A-B, A-C, A-D, etc. If you’re not sure what a double is, read our What is Double Bet article.

Your eight selections will also form 56 trebles, for example, A-B-C right through to F-G-H. There are also 70 possible 4-folds, which are accumulators containing four selections, for example, A-B-C-D.

The 5-folds, 6-folds, 7-folds, and the 8-fold are, respectively, all possible combinations of five selections, six selections, seven selections, and eight selections in accumulators.

Sports for a Goliath Bet

You’ll need to double-check with your bookmaker to make sure if you can use selections from the sports you want to make up a Goliath bet. But horse racing selections are probably the most popular sporting selections used in a Goliath.

But you’ll probably find many bookies also let you use footballing selections and selections from many other sports. Some bookies will even let you combine selections from more than one sport into a Goliath bet.

Cost of a Goliath Bet

There are 247 bets in a Goliath, so a win Goliath will cost you 247x whatever stake you want to place on each bet. For example, if you place a 10p win Goliath bet it will cost your 247 x 10p = £24.70, whilst a £1 Goliath will cost you 247 x £1 = £247.

If you’re placing an each-way Goliath, you simply need to double the amount of a win Goliath bet, as there are twice as many bets. For example, if you place a 10p each-way Goliath bet it will cost your 494 x 10p = £49.40, whilst a £1 each-way Goliath bet will cost you 494 x £1 = £494.

It’s a good idea to check with your bookmaker to see what the allowed minimum stake is for a Goliath Bet.

Profit from a Goliath Bet

The first bit of information you need to know is how much your bookmaker will pay out from a successful Goliath, as bookmaker limits can vary from just a few thousand pounds up to a £Million. To avoid any potential disappointment always check first and stake your bet accordingly.

Imagine you had placed a £1 win bet on eight selections that were all priced at 2/1. Your returns would be as shown in the table below – a cracking £65,478.00.

Doubles (28)28.00 (28 bets of 1.00)£252
Trebles (56)56.00 (56 bets of 1.00)£1,512
4-Folds (70)70.00 (70 bets of 1.00)£5,670
5-Folds (56)56.00 (56 bets of 1.00)£13,608
6-Folds (28)28.00 (28 bets of 1.00)£20,412
7-Folds (8)8.00 (8 bets of 1.00)£17,496
8-Folds (1)1.00 (1 bet of 1.00)£6,561
Totals247.00 (247 bets of 1.00)£65,478

So, just imagine how quickly the odds would multiply if your selections were priced up at bigger odds. If you’re placing your Goliath with an online bookmaker, most online betting slips will calculate how much your bet is expected to win.

If the return is way above the maximum limit, you can reduce your stake accordingly. If you want to stake a certain amount, the other alternative is to place small stakes Goliaths with several bookmakers. This means you could win big with all of them.

Goliath Bet Calculator

With 247 bets to work out – you’re not going to be doing that in a hurry manually. That’s why it’s vital you have access to a free goliath bet calculator so you can easily determine your profit if all or some of your selections go on to win. AceOdds have a great Goliath bet calculator which allows you to work out your winnings on all types of goliaths whether that’s win-only or each way:

Goliath Bet

Disadvantages of a Goliath Bet

The main disadvantage of a Goliath bet is you might need quite a few winners just to get your money back. If you land one double with both selections at 2/1, you’ll only get £9 of your £247 stake back. If you land three winners, you’ll then have three doubles and a treble which will return £54. Four winners at 2/1 will get you six doubles, four trebles, and a 4-fold, but still only returns £243.

Of course, if your selections are at much bigger prices, it’s possible to make a profit from these smaller bet combinations.

Bets Similar to a Goliath

The closest bet to a Goliath bet is a Super Heinz, which is a bet that uses seven selections rather than eight. A Super Yankee is made up of 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 four-folds, 21 five-folds, 7 six-folds, and 1 seven-fold – a total of 120 bets.

That means by cutting your selection to seven rather than eight, you can decrease the number of bets to less than half. But don’t blame us if that eighth selection is a winner. Happy punting.

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