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If you are having trouble accessing our services, have questions about tipsters, or if you’re not happy about us for any reason, you can contact us anytime. Just send us an email at [email protected] and we will take care of you.

Meanwhile do feel free to go through the following FAQs and see if your question has been answered before.

Membership FAQ

Q. What does Betting Gods do for me? 

A. Betting Gods connects novice bettors with expert tipsters, who are capable of providing professional tips and advice on the sport of their expertise. Their guidance allows serious bettors to turn their hobby into a full-time, highly profitable profession with optimised chances for success. It’s the simplest way to avoid potentially years of rookie mistakes and money lost to bad bets on the way to success. 

Q. How do I know your tipsters are any good?

The advice of tipsters comes with a guarantee of quality and complete transparency in their records. Everything about tipsters’ results will be plainly available to you, without tweaks or alterations to skew things in their favour. It is impossible for tipsters to inflate claims of their profits and accuracy, because you are able to verify everything for yourself. 

Additionally, all tipsters must pass a rigorous 16-week qualification process before being accepted them onto the Betting Gods team. This nullifies the possibility of result due to sheer luck, and gives us a chance to see what they are really capable of.

Tipsters are also subject to multiple online independent reviews plus as a company Betting Gods rates highly on TrustPilot.

Q. When will I receive my tips?

A. Once you have joined up to a service, you will receive tips via email, Betting Gods app and online members area. If, for some reason, there are no tips for a particular service, you will still be notified of this.

Q. What payment options are available? 

A. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Switch & Paypal.

Q. How do I cancel my subscription?

A. To cancel future payments you must either:

a) Using your Clickbank receipt which you received after joining, start a Clickbank support ticket via www.clkbank.com so Clickbank can process the cancellation for you.

b) Get in touch here with details about the service, your receipt number, and email address, and the cancellation will be processed for you.

Q. Can I join more than one service? 

A. Of course you can. There is no limit to how many services you can be a part of. It’s a great idea to join multiple services so you can benefit from many tips and increase your profits further.

All tipster services start at £7 for 15 days, giving you plenty of time to get a good idea of if the service is suitable for you.

Q. Do you guarantee a profit?

A. No. Any service that “guarantees” a profit is lying. Why? No one can be certain of an outcome on a horse race, football match, or other sporting event. It’s impossible! 

There are, however, trends with many tipsters. The stats on the tipster pages are a great way to see how your bank would have grown with a tipster and whether or not they suit your betting style.

Q. Will I win every day?

A. No. It is unrealistic. However, there will be periods with lots of winners and periods with no winners. This is why you are provided with advice about managing a betting bank successfully. We want to see you win as often as possible.

Q. Do I need an account with specific bookmakers? 

A. No. You can bet wherever you feel comfortable. However, most tipsters will send their tips out with recommended bookies for each tip, to ensure you receive the best available odds. We find the best bookmakers who won’t restrict you are Black Type and Leo Vegas. Betting exchanges are also a very good choice.

Q. What sort of bets do the tipsters cover? 

A. Every service is different. Tipsters cover win, lay, place, and each way markets on a range of sports. Currently, tipsters cover horse racing, football, tennis, boxing, golf and MLB, with many more on the way. 

Q. What sort of stakes should I be using? 

A. All services will recommend a stake value for each of their tips in terms of “points”, ranging from 1 to 3 points. You can assign your own value to each point. Full Betting Bank advice is given with all services.

Q. I joined today. Will I receive today’s tips?

A. We always try to send today’s tips to new members, but this cannot be guaranteed.
Typically the members area and your app will update within 3-4 hours. You can also reply to the welcome email to request today’s tips.

Q. How does my subscription work?

A. Subscriptions are payments made in advance on a monthly basis for tips. Discounts are available for 3 month or lifetime subscriptions . A minimum of 5 selections is guaranteed per month for each service. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of your payment period.

Q. I am a subscriber but haven’t received today’s tip

A. The initial advice is that you check your junk or spam folders on your email account, and of course wait until 11am which is generally the time by which all emails have been released. If you have not cancelled your subscription then please use the contact form here to provide us with details of which selections you are not receiving and the email address at which your selections are normally delivered to.

Q. What size betting bank do I need?

A. This varies with each service, and a welcome email is provided explaining this information. Full staking advice is included in the daily emails for each service.

Tipster FAQ

Q. How much money can I make by becoming a Betting Gods tipster? 

A. It depends entirely on how much you want to charge, how many subscribers you can gain, and how good your tips are (which will determine how long your subscribers will stick around).

Q. How many subscribers can I expect? 

A. It depends on how well you market yourself. Our reach is growing daily, so the number of potential subscribers will also increase. You could receive anywhere from 25 to 250 subscribers, all depending on the profitability and popularity of the service.

Q. What are the requirements for becoming a Betting Gods tipster?

A. You must first prove your tips to our Betting Gods proofing manager in a 16 week trial run. We only want to work with tipsters who can prove their ability to consistently provide good tips. If you can prove yourself, we will discuss pricing and the process of setting you up as a tipster. Just use the Contact Us page to get in touch tell us about your interest in becoming a Betting Gods tipster.

Q. How much can I charge for my tipping service? 

A. We’ll discuss this when we hire you, but most services aim to charge between £20 and £40 per month. We tend to avoid anything over £40 per month because we want to keep prices low enough to attract as many subscribers as possible.

Remember that if you have any further questions, you can Contact Us at any point.

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