Did You Make £42,980.80 In 2016?
Did You Make £42,980.80 In 2016?

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Did You Make £42,980.80 In 2016?

Posted January 4, 2017 | By Tim @ Betting Gods

If you’ve ever wanted to give-up work and gamble professionally for a living, now could be the time because the 19 Betting Gods Tipsters amassed an amazing £42,980.80 of profit in 2016 – and that was only to the recommended £10-Per-Point Stake.

Okay, we don’t really suggest you give-up work, but we do recommend you think long and hard about how much extra income you want to earn from gambling this year – and we’ve put together the full 2016 results (see table below) of all of our tipsters so you can see who you might want to add to your punting portfolios for 2017.

Golf may not be everyone’s favourite sport but, even if it’s not, you should give serious consideration to following the Golf Betting Expert. He’s just completed his first full year with Betting Gods, and what a year it was with a profit of £5,965.30 from just 483 bets. He’s probably the easiest tipster to follow too, as you get all of his tips on a Monday evening – meaning you can place your bets and just sit back and watch them.

Now is also probably the perfect time to add Flat Racing Master to your portfolio, as he’ll still be providing all-weather tips even if jumps racing is called-off with the weather. Also, with a profit of £5,779.40 from 796 bets in 2016 – he’s shown he’s exactly what he says he is.

Quentin Franks has also been hitting the headlines with great regularity in 2016. But that’s hardly surprising with 11 winning months out of 12 generating £5,477.10 of profit from 1,039 bets for his delighted followers, which look sure to keep increasing in numbers if he keeps producing such fantastic results.

A further six of the Betting Gods Tipsters also produced profits of between £2,100 and £2,850, though the bets they placed to achieve that profit vary widely. If you like placing lots of bets, then The Sports Guru (3,942 bets) and High Rollers Betting (2,514 bets) could be for you, whilst The Each Way King (899 bets) and The Football Guru (1,189 bets) are likely to suit the more middle-of-the-road punters. Meanwhile, Big Race Bookie Busters and Max Racing Partnership generated those types of profits from less than 500 bets each for those who like the more selective approach to betting on horse racing.

Pro Footy Tips, Value Racing Tips, Premier Greyhound Tips, Tom Nelson Racing, QF Value Tips and Master Racing Tips also combined to make an extra profit of over £8,000 between them, and these Betting Gods stalwarts have all proved their talents for long enough to warrant inclusion in any portfolio.

Three new tipsters also showcased their talents for less than a full-year in 2016, with Top Form Racing, Low Hanging Profits, and The Football Formula all showing big potential for the future. Meanwhile, last but not least, Cudworth’s Racing Lays continues to make small profits with minimal risk by laying horses.

Check-out the table below to see the full Betting Gods Results for 2016:


2016 Total Profit
*£10 per point

Av. Monthly Profit
*£10 per point

Total Bets

Golf Betting Expert £5,965.30 £497.10 483
Flat Racing Master £5,779.40 £481.61 796
Quentin Franks Racing £5,477.10 £456.42 1,039
The Each Way King £2,848.80 £237.40 899
The Sports Guru £2,694.40 £224.53 3,942
High Rollers Betting £2,631.20 £219.26 2,514
Big Race Bookie Busters £2,330.70 £194.22 424
Max Racing Partnership £2,211.90 £184.32 478
The Football Guru £2,111.40 £175.95 1,189
Pro Footy Tips £1,917.00 (9 months) £213.00 333
Value Racing Tips £1,512.30 £126.02 899
Premier Greyhound Tips £1,360.70 £113.39 512
Tom Nelson Racing £1,316.30 £109.69 1,343
QF Value Tips £1022.40 £85.20 516
Master Racing Tipster £1,110.20 £92.51 537
Top Form Racing £886.40 (11 Months) £80.58 514
The Football Formula £695.40 (7 Months) £99.34 426
Low Hanging profits £602.20 (7 Months) £86.02 372
Cudworth Racing Lays £507.70 £42.30 492
Totals £42,980.80 £3,581.73

Need more stats such as ROI, Winning Run, Losing Run and prices?
View the tipster comparison table at https://www.bettinggods.com/compare-our-tipsters/

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  1. Avatar

    Cheers guys. Very impressive, and a great year for me, especially via BRBB (thanks Tim). I think for the next such report you should incorporate ROI stats. I know you are fully transparent on the individual tipster’s links, and you can get a feel from the number of bets, but there’s nothing like seeing an ROI figure to summarise performance.

  2. Avatar

    Hi Bettinggods, thanks for the summary. I was thinking exactly the same as Paul in relation to the ROI which is a key summary performance metric. But in addition to that it would be good to have a measure of volatility and downside risk so that the reader can appreciate how the service has performed. Volatility could be shown by the number of months in profit and downside risk by the longest losing run during the period. Thanks again for the info.

  3. Avatar

    Hello BettingsGods,

    Many thanks for your blog and service. I am almost becoming a new client and take the new year’s plunge. Just trying to figure it out which one/s to choose. My bank is relatively small but will give it a try definitely.

    In regards on above chart, I have the same opinion blfrom the 2 comments above: is there a way where we could see the ROI % from each of the tipsters. And if possible, a chart or a circular graph showing the greens and reds (profit / loss) for each month. Best regards and a great year to all


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