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Posted December 2, 2017

By Darren @ Betting Gods

Daily fantasy golf can be frustrating, but it’s also one of the most rewarding DFS markets. The nature of golf means you have to stay on top of your lineup for four consecutive days, which can get tedious. On the other hand, it makes watching golf a lot more involving and fun, and if you’re not a regular watcher of the sport, you may find yourself suddenly cheering on golfers you would never have heard of otherwise.

The Odds

Most of the betting sites will have similar odds on golfers on any given week. Be sure to look at multiple sites to give you the best idea of who the favourites to win across the board are. Line movement is also worth keeping an eye on. This is when a golfer’s odds start to differ either way. You don’t need to worry about small line movements, but large ones could indicate someone knows something you don’t.

If a golfer’s odds shorten drastically, it usually means a fair amount of money is being placed on them. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to add the golfer to your lineup, but you may want to do your research into why they’re fancied for the win.

Course History

After taking a look at the odds, the next thing you will have to take a look at is the course – specifically, how a player has performed on the course historically. You could even look at the grass on the course, and how that player has fared with the grass type in the past. It should go without saying that different courses play to the strengths of certain golfers. It means that course history and how well the golfer suits the course is one of the most important factors when you’re deciding on which golfers to add to your roster each week.


Stats are your friend when it comes to making a selection. There are a wealth of stats available, but as a rule, you should take a look at driving distance, strokes gained, scrambling and driving accuracy. Despite that, different stats will be more valuable depending on the course and the weather, so it’s highly likely that you’ll have to change up your strategy every week.

A quick look at the course will tell you which stats to prioritise. If, for example, the course has narrow fairways, it’s a good idea to put more weight in the golfer’s driving accuracy than their distance.

Recent Performances

Golf is a mental game. If you look at how a player has performed in recent history, you can gain an insight into how a particular golfer is going to play in the next tournament. Bad form doesn’t necessarily end with one tournament and often carries on into the next, as is the case with good form. Look out for players who, after playing badly in one tournament, don’t take a week off. In general, these golfers should be avoided as it’s more than likely their bad performance is going to carry over.

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