Daily Fantasy Sports: Betting On MMA

Posted November 30, 2017

By Darren @ Betting Gods

Daily Fantasy Sports, or DFS, is a form of betting that’s growing more popular every day. To try your hand at betting on mixed martial arts (MMA), sign up to a site such as DraftKings and check out their daily MMA contests.

The Rules

Using the DraftKings MMA contests as an example, you’ll have to choose a line-up of fighters who you think are going to win their fights at the UFC event you’re betting on. Choose your fighters carefully, because they’ll be the difference between a profit and a loss at the end of the night.

You also need to bear these four rules in mind:

– Your fighter lineup should consist of five fighters.
– After the first fight of any contest starts, you won’t be able to switch any of your fighters.
– Your ultimate line-up budget is $50,000.
– The sum of the scores of your five fighters will give you your final score.

How Do My Fighters Score Points?

Your chosen MMA fighters can score you points in a variety of ways; how they fare generally in a fight is taken into consideration, as well as whether they win or lose. Moves that your fighters will score points for are:

– A significant strike, which will score you +0.5 points
– An advance, which will score you +1 point
– A reversal or sweep, which will score you +2 points
– A takedown, which will score you +2 points
– A knockdown, which will score you +3 points

These points will all add up and could make or break your winnings for the night. However, the big points are in the fight conclusion bonuses, which your fighter will get for each round that they win.

– A 1st round win will score +100 points
– A 2nd round win will score +70 points
– A 3rd round win will score + 50 points
– A 4th round win will score + 40 points
– A 5th round win will score + 40 points
– A decision win will score + 25 points

Happy betting and good luck!

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