Daily Fantasy Sports : NBA Betting Guide

Posted November 27, 2017

By Darren @ Betting Gods

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) haven’t traditionally drawn a lot of bets in Europe, but thanks to DraftKings launching their app in the UK last year, the betting sector has enjoyed remarkable growth. One of the most popular markets is NBA, so with that in mind, we’ve taken a look at an effective DFS NBA betting strategy.

Knowing The Score

In order to pick the players properly, you need to know the scoring system inside out. Different players do better with certain scoring systems. If you use DraftKings, the NBA scoring system is fairly standard and awards a 0.5 bonus for a three-point shot made, and bonuses for double-double and triple-doubles.

Remember That Players Rest

Sometimes with DFS, players will play games back to back, and there will often be times during a short period where the fixtures come thick and fast. To help alleviate fatigue, coaches may end up resting starters, or give them fewer minutes. Although it can be hard to predict the extent of the changes the coaches may make, it’s important to keep an eye on it because the fewer minutes your players are on court for, the fewer points they’ll score you.

Keep An Eye On The Streaks

Like most sports, basketball players can be on a hot streak. Sometimes a player might have a few good games, and if they do, it’s highly likely that they’ll be rewarded with additional minutes. You need to keep an eye on your roster at all times to take advantage of the hot streaks as you can, be wary though, sometimes it can go the other way and a player can experience a dip in form. If that happens to one of your players, your points total could be seriously impacted.

Leave It Late

Those who follow the NBA will be more than familiar with the fact that there’s always some late team news. This can include everything from changes to the lineup to injuries and beyond. To ensure your lineup isn’t made up of a bunch of non-starters, leave setting your lineup to the last possible moment.

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