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Choose Your Blackjack Dealers Wisely

Choose Your Blackjack Dealers Wisely

It isn’t an exaggeration to suggest that your choice of Blackjack dealers can sometimes make or break the outcome of your night. For this reason, getting into the habit of playing at the same few casinos and getting to know the dealers who work there is always a good idea. You’ll slowly start to see differences in the way they deal that will make a big difference to the game.

Beware Of Dealers Who Cheat

The first thing to look out for is dealers who may actually try to cheat you during the course of a game. Some dealers cheat to make money for themselves, and some will do it on behalf of the casino, but without a doubt these dealers do exist. The easiest thing to look out for is dealers with pockets; at most casinos, dealers will not be wearing clothes with pockets. However, if your dealer is wearing pockets it only takes a small sleight-of-hand for them to palm chips off the table, directly reducing your winnings.

Look Out For Sloppy Dealers

On the other hand, there is one kind of dealer you may actually look to seek out in a casino. Playing against a sloppy dealer can be a huge advantage in Blackjack, raising your chances of winning by up to 9%. One practice, known as “card holing” is looking out for dealers who accidentally reveal the value of their face-down card when taking a peek at it themselves. Knowing this tidbit of information can massively improve your chances of winning, and dealers with a tendency to do this are well worth remembering.

Secondly, depending on your level of skill and experience, you may also want to keep an eye out for slower dealers. Dealers who deal cards out more slowly, even just marginally, are giving you that extra amount of time to count the cards in your head – which is invaluable to your game if you aren’t a seasoned card counter and still need a little extra room to count accurately. While card counting only raises your chances of winning by around 1%, this is enough to give you a good edge on the house over the course of many games.

Get To Know Your Dealer

When you’ve picked out a few dealers that you like, make an effort to pay attention to them and perhaps even get to know them a little. You may find that you start to pick up on ‘tells’ from the dealer, or mannerisms and affectations that give away what your dealer’s cards likely are. Equally, if you tip your dealer well, they may be quite happy to see you winning – this in turn means a good mood might be indicative of their hole card being low, while a high hole card might make your on-side dealer appear less favourable.

Choosing the best dealer comes down to a combination of keen observation and human psychology. Your best bet is to pick dealers that you trust and whom you like, but who may also have a tendency to be a little sloppy with their cards.

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