Chelsea And Conte On The Ropes?

Last Updated: October 10, 2018

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After yet another shock defeat against Watford on Monday, many believe that the future of Chelsea manager Antonio Conte is in serious doubt. The reigning champions currently find themselves in 4th spot, just one point clear of London rivals Tottenham. Claiming a Champions League spot the season after winning the league could be seen as decent enough, but some of the results of late pose some serious worries for the near future.

An excellent 4-0 victory away against Brighton was followed up by a shocking 3-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge against Bournemouth and then a 4-1 loss away to Watford. With these results in mind and a few other hiccups this season, many get the feeling that there’s something in the Chelsea camp that is simply not right.

Has Conte lost control of the dressing room? Could it even be that some players are starting to revolt against him? Whatever the reason, conceding 3 goals against Watford in the final 10 minutes may suggest serious issues with team moral or among certain key players within the team.

Some believe that Conte may be sacked even before the next game, whereas others think that he still has what it takes to turn things around. At this stage of the season, it can be hard to find a good enough replacement and sacking Conte can be deemed an even greater risk than keeping him on board.

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Chelsea are taking on West Bromwich at Stamford Bridge on February 12th, with or without Italian star manager Conte. This game could mark the beginning of a turning point or perhaps be the final nail in the coffin for Conte’s Premier League ambitions.

What do you guys think – will Conte still be Chelsea’s coach the next game and does he have what it takes to keep Chelsea at the top?

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