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Champions League – Can Porto Come Back?

Last Updated: March 6, 2018

Champions League – Can Porto Come Back?

After a spectacular first round, we’re getting ourselves ready for leg 2 of the Champions League first knockout stage. We’ve seen some spectacular performances across the board and a couple of teams might feel that they’re already standing with one foot in the quarter finals. In some of the other fixtures, there’s still all to play for and we’re looking forward to another leg of nail-biting world class football action.

First up in the second leg is Liverpool against Porto and PSG VS Real Madrid.
After losing 5-0 at home, Porto will have their work cut out for them in this second leg. However, this game will still offer plenty of betting value, since it’s hard to predict how both teams will approach this game. Have Porto given up already? Will Liverpool keep pushing for more, or will they find it hard to motivate themselves tonight?

In the second game of the evening, there’s still everything to play for. PSG might have found themselves a little unlucky in the first leg, as they conceded twice in the last 10 minutes, making the final score 3-1 for the Spaniards.

Liverpool – Porto

After a mesmerising performance in the first leg in Portugal, Liverpool have a 5-0 lead as we kick things off at Anfield this evening. No team in the history of the Champions League has even come back from a 5-goal deficit. Despite this, Klopp is reportedly putting his strongest squad on the field tonight but may rest their top goal scorer, Mohamed Salah. Ahead of this game, Klopp has said that he respect Porto’s abilities too much to consider heavy team rotation.

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It will be interesting to see if Liverpool keep pushing for more and if Porto will manage to pick themselves up from the last meeting’s embarrassing defeat.

PSG – Real Madrid

Boom boom! This was the sound of 3 minutes that puts Real Madrid in the driving seat ahead of the second leg against French champions Paris Saint-Germain. After trading punches for long spells, this was a game that could have gone anyone’s way in the end. But it was the Spaniards who got the last say – and while the Frenchmen were still licking their wounds after Ronaldo’s leading goal, Real and Marcelo struck again! 3-1 is an excellent result for Real to bring with them to the French capital and we deem them narrow favourites ahead of this epic clash. But of course, with the might of the French home crowd behind them, anything can happen!

In a game where both the result and the teams approach are hard to predict, I’m going to guess that both teams will go on the attack, even throwing caution to the wind at times. With so much attacking power on both sides, we should be in for another memorable encounter!

PSG are going in to this game without their biggest star, Neymar, and arguably their best player. Former Real Madrid player, Angel Di Maria, has been named the most likely replacement for the Brazilian, who’s injured and is expected to be out of action for around 2 months. Neymar’s absence could very well be the small detail that makes the final difference between these evenly matched teams.
With that said however, Real Madrid have their own fair share of problems. Both Luka Modric and Toni Kroos have just come back from a couple of weeks injury layoff and Zidane might be hesitant to start the game with both of them, since they’re not yet 100% match fit.

Even last meeting’s goal scorer, Marcelo, has recently returned from injury, but played a few minutes this weekend and is deemed fully match fit.

With the 2-goal advantage and experience being strongly in Real’s favor, I’ll give PSG a 40% chance to make it in to the quarter finals!

Our homework is done. Now it’s time to place our bets and just sit back and enjoy some top-class football!

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