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The James Bond Roulette System

The James Bond Roulette System

Aside from being an incredible secret agent and having the magic touch with women, James Bond was actually a pretty good roulette player. At least, that’s what it says in the original James Bond books. In the books, Bond has his own system where he covers the table and uses something called a staking plan. It worked pretty well and earned him some extra cash on top of his secret agent wage.

Granted, James Bond is a fictional novel, but that doesn’t mean his roulette system was fake. In fact, it’s proven to be quite a successful way of winning money. And, today’s your lucky day as we’re about to go through it right now:

The James Bond Roulette System: The Staking Plan

The whole aim of Bond’s roulette system is to cover over half of the numbers on the roulette board. It follows a system whereby you’re always betting the same amount each time. The staking plan refers to how you stake your bets, and what you cover. To try out the James Bond system, you need to start with a £20 bet.

Unlike a lot of other systems, you don’t spend this £20 evenly across 20 different numbers on the board. Instead, you’re looking at three separate stakes.

Firstly, you put the bulk of your money (£14) on 19-36.

Secondly, you place a £5 bet on the 13-14-15-16-17-18 line.

Finally, you stick £1 on 0.

With these stakes, you’ve essentially covered 25 numbers on the board, including zero. This means that there’s a 25/37 chance that you’ll win on your spin. The only numbers on the board that won’t grant you a win are the first 12.

Betting Outcomes

The beauty of this roulette strategy is that there are only four possible outcomes, three of which you can earn a profit from. As mentioned above, the only numbers you won’t win on are the first 12, meaning that if the ball lands on 1-12, you lose all of your £20.

However, if the ball lands on 0, you get your biggest win of £16.

If the ball lands on your line bet (13 – 18), then you get the second biggest winnings of £10.

Last but not least, the ball can land on any numbers in the 19-36 section, and you win £8.

When you look at it like that, this strategy is exceptionally good and looks like it has a lot of positive potential. Of course, you do still leave yourself with the risk of losing your £20 right away in that first 12. Some players don’t like leaving that many chances of failure open, but it’s still one of the best strategies around.

Naturally, this strategy can’t fully beat the odds of roulette. What we mean by this is that you can spin 37 times and hit every number once and still end up losing money. That’s just the way roulette works, it’s impossible to find a strategy where you’re guaranteed to win every time. However, what are the odds of each number coming up in succession 37 times in a row? More often than not, you will win by using the James Bond roulette strategy.

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  1. I spent many years before the Gaming Board came into existence being a croupier on French Roulette and over the years saw many people lose a few everything they had, I also saw a few who nearly always won. I asked one of them how he did it and he said there are 37 numbers on the wheel with zero and the odds of each one coming up in 37 spins are just so massive in will not happen in my life, so I have found a way of finding which number will come up more than once in 37 spins. No, he would not tell me how but if you take the numbers down for 37 spins you will find that there is at least 4 or 5 numbers that come up at least twice and often 3 times and now and then even 4 times. If you work out how he did it do drop me a line.


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