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A Review Of Ikibu Casino

A Review Of Ikibu Casino

If you’re scouring the web for the best online casinos then this review is perfect for you. We’re taking a look at one of the most unique betting casinos out there; Ikibu. During this review we won’t take any sides, our aim is to give you a balanced look so that you can see if it’s the right place for you.

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An Introduction To Ikibu

If you haven’t heard of Ikibu then we don’t blame you as it’s one of the newest casinos out there. It’s just over a year old having been established in September 2016. It’s a Maltese company but you can access the site in the UK as it has licences from the UK Gambling Commission.

Right off the bat, you can tell things are pretty different here. The name in itself is pretty weird, and the structure of the casino matches it. While pretty much every other site will deal in currency, this casino deals in seeds. Yes, you read that right, seeds. Before you get a little freaked out, the seeds are essentially virtual tokens that you can use on the site. You deposit actual cash and get given seeds to use during your time on the site. These seeds can be used to buy things from the casino shop, or they can be exchanged for free spins on games.

You can also earn more seeds as you play, meaning you don’t have to keep depositing money if you don’t want to. The unique thing about this site is that you progress almost like you’re playing a video game. You have levels that you need to unlock for better rewards. You start at level one and only have a few games you can play. As you reach higher levels, you unlock more games with better rewards. It’s certainly something you don’t get in any other online casino.

Depositing your money is the same as any other casino, only there are fewer options. Here, you’re looking at the major cards and a few major e-wallets too. No PayPal though, and if you’ve read any of our other reviews you know that PayPal earns bonus points for a casino.

In fairness, they probably have the best ratio of withdrawal to deposit methods out there. Most places are heavily in favour of deposits, but Ikibu gives you just as many choices when withdrawing your winnings. It’s usually very fast too, you won’t be waiting more than 72 hours before those funds are ready for you to use. Also, don’t worry, you won’t be withdrawing seeds! They get converted back into cash for you to take home with you.

Ikibu Games

Despite its quirky setup, Ikibu has a very traditional array of games. There are so many virtual video slots for you to play. This is probably the main attraction of the site, as there are loads and you unlock more every time you progress. You can also enjoy progressive slots too, which are always a load of fun to bet on.

The thing that surprised us was that Ikibu offered classic table games too. When you first go on the site, you don’t imagine they’ll have any traditional casino-type games on there at all. But, they have multiple roulette games, blackjack, and a few others too. Another big feature is the ability to partake in live table games. Their live casino lets you battle it out with others in roulette and live blackjack.

As a bonus, the website is mobile-friendly, meaning you can enjoy any of the games on the go.

Ikibu Bonuses

Many people are saying positive things about this site because of the healthy bonuses they give you when you sign up. Firstly, when you make your first deposit, you get a match bonus of 100% up to £100. This is great as you basically double your deposit in one go and have lots of money to spend on seeds and play the games. Speaking of seeds, you get 2500 free on your first, which equates to 25 free spins on a slot game.

Fancy making a second deposit? Then you’ll get a further 50% match bonus up to £100 and 2500 more seeds. In total, that’s 5000 free seeds totaling 50 free spins.

There’s a lot to like about Ikibu, it’s certainly very different to other casino sites thanks to the way it’s set up and the way you go about playing the games to make money. Though the concept is interesting, some might not like the whole seeds idea, which is understandable. Remember, this site is still pretty much a baby, give it time, and any creases should get ironed out.

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  1. Fixed games. Promotions for vip member wont get customer service off jefe shocking laura ignores emails to do with promotions or money unless you giving it to them. Most games wont work on google chrome you may win at first but they do this so you think its good and will carry on winning but you wont the linger your with them the worser the game play goes or when you have the chance to stop the game yourself it don’t let you in case you win. Worst ever casino i played on not at first it wasn’t but thats what entices people in win a few times then you wont win no matter what you spend its like the games makes think you nearly win big so carry on trying as you was nearly there. I played on a certain game i won big on but the more you play the less you win. And the more money you deposit the less likey you will win ive gambled fir over 7years now and feel cheated by this company the way the games play and payout new customers probably win and if lucky you will win a few more times then it stops but you wont know this till you spent thousands and then get treated like shit so you close your account stay away or play once win and move on cos you dont play with with them they play you.

  2. Ikibu a new casino good comments at first but soon they wont be getting stars at all new casinos want good feed back so people will play but this wont last long games are fixed promotions not given as emails that are sent to you you will get ignored unless you dont spend much then the promotions dont cost them much but when you get silver vip and spend a lit of money weekly and adds up the promotions they offer do as well so then you get ignored spoke to like shit lucky if you get 1500 seeds that get you 10 free spins on starburst unless you you let them keep mounting up but then the games you play on with the seeds are fixed and wont win much at all worst casino eva and laura there manager needs sacking she thinks by ignoring people who are promised promotions and dont get that its ok dont send promotions that you carnt give and get people spending more and more mo ey so ikibu can rip you off and when you deposit sometimes it may come back on error code so yoy think your payment hasn’t gone though off your visa card so do it again not knowing it has gone through and ended up putting double amount in also every time you deposit it will charge you £0.25 per £10 you deposit so more the deposit more the amount they charge same as if you win they charge you for this big rip off ever and will tell every complaint website to be carefull off this cadino.


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