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Winning Money On Boxing: Our Guide To Success
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Winning Money On Boxing: Our Guide To Success

Boxing has suddenly become popular again, with the likes of Sky being joined by BT Sport, ITV, Channel 5 and YouTube trying their hands at broadcasting the sport, along with new superstars in the sport. With both of those factors, it has now made the sport relevant again to the casual fans, making it more popular for punters whom wish to stake bets on big-fight outcomes. Whilst boxing may seem simple to bet on, it is often much more complicated than first perceived, with millions of pounds being won by the bookies on each blockbuster fight.

We at Betting Gods have decided to come and help, creating this guide which will help all current and potential punters win money when betting on the sport of boxing.

Risks Of Betting On Available Markets

As mentioned above, boxing has come on strong again over the past few years, with stars such as Anthony Joshua, Floyd Mayweather, Carl Froch and many more being involved in massive Pay-per-view fights. With the increased opportunities of viewing the sport in today’s age, it has made betting on boxing much more appealing than before, leading many punters to bet on a large variety of available markets in the fight. Many punters may place a stake on a fight without having much knowledge on the fight, which could cost them their money. On the other hand, the wise and well-informed boxing punter will enjoy large profits from markets that have been affected by hype and popularity amongst casual fans.

The most popular markets are outright winner and the method of victory, and the duration of the fight, with the more difficult markets consisting of round betting. It would be wise to pick a market that you are confident of betting on first, then gradually start to bet on other markets, which are available, as you start to consider factors that may affect those markets.

Recent Form

As humans, we have a rather bad habit of basing our opinions on recent form, ignoring and often forgetting that anything can happen in sport. As with football, boxing odds are priced on popularity, recent form, and most-likely to win, which to many fans sounds like easy money when a house hold name fights someone who isn’t as popular. The odds will be heavily in favour of the popular fighter, even if the other fighter is just as good. It would be unwise to do what many punters to do, which is to completely rule out the other fighter’s chances of winning the fight due to their odds.


Another factor which odds are priced around is flamboyance. As we’ve previously discussed, odds are based on popularity, where customers base their stakes on emotions rather than logic. A punter will most likely bet on who they would want to win, rather than who they think will realistically win. Fighters such as Amir Khan, David Haye and even ex-fighter Ricky Hatton, have been bet on due to their pre-fight talk, and the fact they are British has made many British punters lose their money when these fighters come to fight someone who is tricky, tactical and evenly matched skill wise.

A fitting example of this was when George Groves fought American fighter Badou Jack. Groves had been backed by many UK fans due to his popularity, but many fans had ignored the skill of Jack, who wasn’t a big name and wasn’t regarded world class, but proved to be consistent at everything. Groves went on to lose that fight, with many punters probably losing their money. We recommend you remove your emotions, and to instead think about fighters who are tactically strict, and defensively sound.


As we many boxing fans have realised over the past year, boxing is extremely subjective, and it’s the judges who are in control of fate if the fight goes the full 12 rounds. Whilst many of the Cruiserweight and Heavyweight fights don’t go the full distance, there are many fights at the lower weights where the judges are called up on a lot! An example would be the lightweight division, where KO victories are extremely uncommon, with points victories being most common. Also, if one of the fighters belongs to the promotional team that is hosting the event, and is a champion, then it is a lot more difficult for the other fighter to get the decision, even if the fight seems as if it is 50/50.

When betting on a big fight that is evenly matched, consider the fact that the judges have a massive amount of pressure on them, and don’t have all the camera angles that are accessible to you when you’re watching on TV. The judges are also famous for backing the home fighter, due to the loud roars around an arena or stadium if a punch looks like it has landed. Whilst we may all have our opinions of the judges, and what may influence their decisions, it is important to keep them in mind when placing a bet, and adjust your stakes accordingly.

Ignore The Opinions Of Professionals

If you are to win money in boxing, then don’t take the advice or opinions of pundits or your mate in the pub seriously. Hype doesn’t win a fight, and neither do opinions from supposedly professional pundits. Stick to your guns, never change your mind due to the influence of the media.

So, there we have it! Our guide which will help you with long-term profitability. Boxing is much more complicated than what is perceived, so always do your research if you’re wanting to take betting seriously, and don’t jump in the deep end, always start off with betting on the easier markets first.

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