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KSI V Joe Weller – Boxing Preview And Guide
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KSI V Joe Weller – Boxing Preview And Guide

On 3 February, YouTube stars KSI and Joe Weller will be stepping into the ring for a celebrity boxing match at the Copper Box Arena, London, settling a rivalry that has existed between the two of them for some time. Just who are KSI and Joe Weller, and is this a match worth looking at as a serious bet?

Celeb Matches Are Nothing New

Celebrity boxing matches aren’t anything new – not a year goes by without some kind of bout taking place, but often these pass by without much fanfare beyond a mention in a few gossip magazines. The bout between KSI and Joe Weller is a different kind of match. The two of them have put a lot of dedication into training and there is the very clear personal rivalry between the two of them, as well as the added dimension of how popular they are as YouTube personalities.

A lot of readers maybe wondering what the fuss is all about, but there is no doubt as to the popularity of these two personalities. Their match could do wonders in bringing the sport to a new audience.

Digital Superstars

KSI and Joe Weller are digital superstars: between them, they share 21.6 million subscribers through YouTube. They made their name playing games, such as FIFA, before creating videos that would move between music and comedy sketches. They are both stars of the digital age, building their audience themselves with their often hilarious and entertaining videos.

They also have a dedicated fanbase who will all be watching the fight. Their success isn’t just constrained to YouTube; they’ve both crossed into other media, including music. Joe Weller’s house single ‘Wanna Do’ charted in the Top 30 of the UK charts and KSI has made a successful career for himself as a rapper, reaching number one on the R&B charts with his recent album Disstracktions.

Is It All About The Money?

This event isn’t just a celebrity beef and is expected to draw a huge amount of attention, with early estimates for the viewing figures placing the number of viewers around 20 million.

Sometimes, these events don’t have a ring of truth about them, with the rivalry feeling forced between the two contenders. However, the arguments between these two have been ongoing for sometime now, and this bout feels like the climax to their ongoing online war of words.

According to a recent interview given by KSI, the fight built up following a series of insults from Joe Weller, which then continued into an online argument between the two before the fight was set. Since then, the online chatter between the two has not stopped. KSI has been quoted as saying, “I want to kill him in that ring. Kill him to the point where the referee has to stop it”.

There is no doubt that the rivalry between the two is very real and that a lot of deep-seated resentment will be pouring out in the ring on fight night, which could make this a very personal grudge match. But for those watching, there is the question of how professional will this be. Will the fight be too amateur to stand up to the real thing?

Amateurs In The Ring?

Both KSI and Joe Weller have been taking this very seriously – both of them have been working through serious training regimes in preparation for the fight. KSI has been following a dedicated training programme, posting updates of his training. Both of them are looking in great condition before the match and have clearly taken to the training with a serious mindset.

While this has been taking place, the two of them have continued to trade insults and barbs through Twitter and Facebook and their respective YouTube channels.

The big event will be taking place on Saturday 3 February at the Cooper Box Arena in London and will be broadcast live on their YouTube channels to allow all of their fans to see them settle their differences.

Betting Options

For those looking to bet on the big event, there are a number of betting options available:


KSI to win: 10/11 with PaddyPower
Joe Weller to win: 10/11 with WilliamHill
Draw: 10/1 with BetStars


KSI by Decision or Technical Decision: 5/4 with BetStars
KSI by KO, TKO or Disqualification: 7/2 with BetStars or Ladbrokes
Joe Weller by Decision or Technical Decision: 11/8 with WilliamHill
Joe Weller by KO, TKO or Disqualification: 4/1 with Ladbrokes

As you can see, the odds being placed are being fairly close, which could mean that those watching are going to be in for a very entertaining match with plenty of drama. The personal rivalry between the two YouTubers will certainly make for a boxing match that will feel less like an exhibition and more like the real thing.

For KSI and Joe Weller, it won’t just be a match, but a chance for them to settle some serious differences. KSI, in particular, has seemingly got the bit between his teeth, hinting that he would like to fight other YouTubers and even making mention of boxing with Rio Ferdinand in the future if the opportunity arose.

It will all come down to Saturday 3 February when they step in the ring and fight.

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