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Matchbook is another UK betting exchange which regularly loses custom to big name exchanges like Betfair, largely for no good reason. While it makes sense for many casual punters to stick with Betfair for convenience, if you’re aiming to make a serious buck on your bets then you may find you’re better off shopping around and checking out the different exchanges available. Matchbook is one such exchange that may well suit you, depending on your gambling profile.


Matchbook of course boasts the advantage of being a betting exchange rather than a traditional bookie; using Matchbook, your bets won’t be limited if you enjoy a good winning streak, and your account won’t be banned. Instead of relying on making money from your losses, as all bookies do, Matchbook make their money by taking a small commission fee from all bets. At a betting exchange, you will never be punished for winning, and this small commission fee is usually well worth the ability to place high stakes bets no matter how good your track record is.

Win or Lose, It Doesn’t Matter

The main difference between Matchbook and other betting exchanges on the market today is that Matchbook take commission whether you win or lose; their current rate is 1.15% on both winning and losing bets. (On a losing bet, you are charged commission on either the stake or the potential winning amount, whichever is lower.) In contrast, most exchanges only take commission from the winner.

While being charged commission whether you win or lose might sound like a drawback, the advantage is that it allows Matchbook to offer lower commission rates per bet than any other exchange on the market. Canny punters will of course realise that a betting system with longer losing runs might be best implemented with an exchange who don’t charge commission on losing bets, but for many gamblers the rates offered by Matchbook should prove very profitable.

For comparison, while Matchbook will charge you 1% on every winning bet, Betfair and Betdaq will charge you 5%, and Smarkets will charge 2% (though only on winning bets, as opposed to both winning and losing bets). These few percent, though they may sounds small on paper, can make all the difference when it comes to the profit margins of a professional gambler.

An Offer That’s Hard To Refuse

Matchbook also run their fair share of promotions and offers in order to attract new customers and enthuse old ones. Matchbook currently offer an ongoing sign-up bonus to new customers which could save you £30. All new customers have to do is place a back bet of £15 and a lay bet of £15 within 14 days of the first bet being placed; if either or both of these bets lose, you’ll be refunded your losses as bonus funds, which can then be used for future bets.

It’s a good deal, and punters who haven’t yet given Matchbook a try should definitely sign up and make the most of this offer while it’s around. It’s a great opportunity for a risk-free bet, but bear in mind it only applies to back bets staked at odds of 2.50 or less or lay bets at 1.67 or greater.

Until very recently, Matchbook were also offering a fantastic 0% commission rate on all bets placed on horse racing, which could make a very good saving indeed for punters following Betting Gods tipsters such as Quentin Franks Racing. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye out in the future for similar promotions, either in horse racing or another field, which are an easy way to save a bit extra from each punt.

A Place For Professionals

Matchbook is a great option for professionals and regulars who should always be looking for new places to make their bets. It’s always worth shopping around for the best odds, but provided you can find good odds for your bets on Matchbook, there’s no reason not to use it over another betting exchange that charges higher commission, and their promotions are usually worth taking advantage of, too. For big events that will attract a lot of interest even on smaller exchanges, Matchbook is a great option, and its 1% commission rates should be of great help to professional gamblers, where even the smallest of savings counts.

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