Black Type: A New Kind Of Bookie

Posted September 7, 2016

By Darren @ Betting Gods

Anyone but the most casual of gamblers is probably already aware of the need to spread bets around between bookmakers in order to see decent profit margins. Almost all bookies operating today limit winning accounts; they know they won’t make any money from you if you know what you’re doing on the horses, so they’ll limit you to only placing the smallest bets on horses. While bookies might argue that this system is necessary for the bookmaker’s survival, it’s no surprise that punters feel they’re getting the short end of the stick. Why make a bet with someone who will only let you place losing bets?

Black Type
Black Type (found online at is a new bookie trying to offer a breath of fresh air in the UK betting marketplace. Their angle is simple: they will not limit or ban customers for winning. They guarantee that they will lay any price to lose at least £500. If you’re making regular winning bets or following a Betting Gods tipster, chances are other bookies will start limiting you soon enough. Provided Black Type keep their word, you needn’t worry about spreading your bets around so much to stay under the radar, which could effectively revolutionise the way you gamble.

A More Traditional Approach

Black Type’s business model is more like that of traditional bookmakers than any of the modern ones we’re all used to; as a bookie, it’s fair to say you’ve got a hand in the gambling game yourself. Most bookies unfairly stack the odds in their favour by limiting winning accounts; Black Type are prepared to take a chance on the odds that they set, effectively betting that they’ll still make a decent profit margin at the end of the day.

Professional and hobby gamblers alike can see the appeal in a betting shop run by these maxims. While many of us would like to see other bookies held up to such standards by the UK’s Gambling Commission, for the moment Black Type is the only UK bookie offering stakes and bets that don’t discriminate against winning customers, which sets them apart from the rest in a busy market.

How Can Black Type Afford It?

It almost sounds too good to be true. When every other bookie employs a practice of limiting accounts, how can Black Type compete without following suit? Fortunately, the bookie does claim to have this covered. Black Type don’t offer the ‘Best Odds Guaranteed’ concession that most major bookies do, and they’ve done away with free bets and promotional odds for new customers.

While we all love little perks and bonuses, that’s all they are: bonuses. As a regular gambler, the security of being able to place bets and continue placing bets regardless of your success is worth far more than perks like this. If these comparatively small concessions are what’s necessary for Black Type to stay afloat in the market without reneging on their promise not to limit accounts, they seem more than fair.

Who Is Black Type For?

Not every punter is going to be immediately converted to Black Type’s way of thinking. For casual gamblers who aren’t at risk of having their accounts limited or even banned, there’s nothing particularly appealing about Black Type, and many will miss having Best Odds Guaranteed and other offers that are typically run by high street bookies trying to attract a bit of extra business. However, for regular gamblers – and particularly those who fancy themselves as successful – the advantage that Black Type offers is huge.

Professional gamblers rely on making regular, steady wins to stay in the game; many of Betting Gods’ own tipsters advise placing 50, 60, or even 70 bets a month, which is easily enough to make regular bookies sit up and pay attention to your account. Having to spread bets around and manage multiple bookmaker accounts certainly makes a dent in your time, and if you get limited anyway, it’ll make a dent in your profits, too. I certainly hope this bookie is able to stick around. It’s still early days for Black Type and their success will rely not only on the soundness of their business model but also on the loyalty of their punters.

Black Type

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  1. Avatar

    Very Interesting indeed. I will be trying to place bets with these guys as they are exactly when we need in the industry. I’ve lost countless accounts for winning too much, so competition is well overdue.

    Im not overly hopeful of any type of govenment or GC intevention on limited or closed accounts but a market changer like this is very much welcome.

  2. Avatar

    Why don’t you publish the email and address of the regulators and then ask everyone on your books to contact them and demand action to stop the disgusting practices the bookies use, in parliament a petition of 100,000 is enough to get things moving. Tell everyone you know to do the same and maybe just maybe

  3. Avatar

    Signed up with Black Type but I haven’t yet seen odds other than SP if you want to place bets the night before the race. They seem to wait until the market is well established before giving odds which to be honest seem below the market. If you’re successful enough to have run out of high street accounts you’ve no choice but you won’t get the value that most of us depend on to make money from our betting. I’d like to support them but it doesn’t make sense at the moment whilst I still have high street accounts.

    • Darren @ Betting Gods
      Darren @ Betting Gods

      Hi Tim,

      Their homepage advises that horse racing is priced up for 8.30am on the day of racing.

      Hope this helps.

  4. Avatar

    Thanks Darren. Just been on and I must have had a bad day because the odds match the best on the high street this morning and one at 4/1 which beats the rest at 7/2. Still irritating about the night before but you can’t have everything.

  5. Avatar

    Still have accounts open but most including one that cannot make its mind up one day limited one day not closed me down then asked me back whats this all about? but if you know what your doing bookies that take bets will get used plus thers always the betfair route. Sign every petition you can in the hope eventually we will get some kind of a level playing field R D

  6. Avatar

    Unfortunately Black Type were not true to their word. My account has been limited, and after a bit of twitter research it was apparent that many others had also been limited or had bets refused.

  7. Avatar

    I didnt know they did this, I will use them. My accounts have been getting shut down left right and centre lately.

  8. Avatar

    This is another joke company, i opened account today, i have placed 9 bets with them, account got limited same day, all genuine bets, no arbing, just in-play Snooker Hahaha
    This is pathetic company just like all UK bookmakers, the way i see it sports gambling is over.
    Now days no bookmaker exist which will not limit account, all of them are rubbish.


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