Bingo – Any Skill Or Just A Game Of Chance?

Posted January 22, 2017

By Darren @ Betting Gods

Bingo used to be a game that your Nan played with her mates during the day to pass the time. Nowadays, it’s been jazzed up a fair bit and has become a lot cooler and more popular. People of all ages play it, either in large fancy bingo halls or on the many online bingo sites the internet has to offer. As the industry grows, there are some large cash pots to be won, particularly on online sites.

There is always one big question surrounding the game of bingo; is it built purely on luck, or is there some skill involved? Well, today, we’re going to have a look at things and figure out what goes into winning a game of bingo. To start, let’s take a look at how the game is played:

Bingo: How To Play

The game itself may be a bit complicated to explain, but it’s really quite simple. When you start a game of bingo, you’re giving tickets, which are basically grids with different numbers on each row. A number is then called out at random, and you have to mark it off if you have it on your ticket. Numbers keep getting called out until someone has marked off all the numbers on their ticket. They then notify the caller that they’ve won, usually by shouting out ‘House’ or ‘Bingo,’ the caller checks their ticket, and the money gets given to them.

The rules are the same with online bingo, the only difference is that the numbers are generated by a computer, and you can’t call out ‘Bingo’ – some online bingo games have a bingo button you press to claim your win.

Claiming your win is important, particularly in hall bingo, as you will lose the money if you don’t shout out ‘Bingo’ before the caller calls out the next number. Plus, there’s always a chance two people could get a full ticket at the same time, in which case, the first one to make themselves heard will claim victory.

After understanding how the game is played, you’re probably wondering where any skill or luck comes into play. Well, there are some arguments for both sides, and you can find them in the sections below:

Bingo Involves Skill

On the face of it, you may think there’s not a lot of skill involved in bingo. Surely it’s all to do with chance, as tickets are given at random, and numbers are called at random? However, if you go to play bingo, you have the chance to buy as many tickets as you want. In theory, the more you buy, the higher the chance is of you winning.

Speak to any hardcore bingo players, and they’re adamant there’s skill involved when buying your tickets for a particular session. The key is understanding how to manage your bingo budget and when you should buy lots of tickets. What you should do is take a look at the prize pots for particular games of bingo. Some will have better prizes than others, in which case, it’s worth buying lots of tickets and spending money. If you’re in a game where the prize fund is poor, then it’s not worth wasting money, as it could result in a big loss.

Plus, when you buy multiple tickets, there’s a skill involved in keeping up with all of them. You have to check loads of tickets all at once, which can be hard if you’ve never played before.

So, you can argue that there is an element of skill involved when playing bingo, and skilled players may have a better chance at winning that a complete beginner.

Bingo Is Pure Luck

No matter what you say about the skill involved in bingo, you can’t deny that there’s so much luck involved. The whole game is built around chance and luck, no one can predict what number gets called out next. Likewise, you may be able to buy as many tickets as you like, but you’ll never get to pick the numbers you have on each ticket.

While it’s true that you can increase your chances of winning by buying more tickets, this doesn’t eliminate any element of luck. Who knows, someone with six tickets could win while someone with sixty can lose the same game.

To sum up, there is a very slight amount of skill involved in bingo. For me, the biggest skill is learning how to read through the cards as fast as possible. However, when you really boil the game down, it’s just based on pure luck and is ultimately a game of chance.

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    If some one calls house on there winning number before the caller calls it, they see it on the machine , do they lose the house?


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