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Betting On Tennis: Our Guide To Success

Betting On Tennis: Our Guide To Success

This guide will provide tips and advice on how to become successful when betting on tennis, and hopefully racking up a healthy, long -term profitable betting balance. I must also point out that these tips are for men’s tennis, as women’s tennis is a different kettle of fish.

So, let’s jump right on into it!

Tip 1 – Format Of The Game

Many of us have probably watched Wimbledon, and the French Open on television, as they are both broadcast during the day. Both events are called Grand Slams, and there are four in total in the tennis season, with the US and Australian Open joining the two that have already been mentioned. The grand slams are the four most high-profile tennis events of the year, with games been played to best out of 5 sets. The tournaments normally last for 2 weeks too, with an incredible number of matches being played.

The shorter, and less prolific events consist of the ATP 250 and 500 events, which are all played to best out of 3 sets instead of 5.

With all of this in mind, we recommend you place your stakes during the grand slams, as they tend to be more profitable. The longer matches allow you to better understand the abilities of the two players, and upsets are very rare too. In the shorter games, during the less prolific events, upsets are more common.

Tip 2 – Understanding The Markets

You can probably view most tennis matches via the streaming services of betting sites, with the season starting on January 1st till November 15th.

The key markets are split into two categories, tournament and match markets.
The main markets for the entire tournament are:

Outright winner
Who will reach the final?
How far will the player go?
Quarter winners

For matches, the main markets consist of:

Match odds
Set betting
How many games in the match?
Set and Game Handicaps
How many sets will there be in a game?
Who will get the most aces?

Tip 3 – How To Get The Right Pre-Match Bet

There will be a wide range of bets that are on offer before a match is played, but we recommend you pick a bet that has fair value. Although you may get almost guaranteed profit if a big player plays someone who is ranked 48th, but you won’t get anything worth your time. Backing a big player at 1.05 will not bag you a long-term profit.

Tip 4 – Understand The Motivation Of A Player

It is strongly recommended to limit the amount of betting that you place on a player, with low odds, during the less prolific events of the season. The top players all have rough patches during the year, with many picking up losses just before, and/or after a grand slam takes place. This is mostly due to the lack of motivation which the player has, to win that event. It’s important to understand the physical demands what a Grand Slam has on a tennis player, so many will be unwilling to go full fury during the shorter events, and instead may want to just warm up or take it easy. For the players who don’t win, or don’t do too well in grand slams, may have favourite events where they perform on the level of a top 5 player.

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Look at a players’ past performances during the event that they’re playing in before you bet, and look at their form at the event.

Tip 5 – Monitor Player Fitness

Another thing to consider is to monitor the fitness of a player. As mentioned previously, grand slams are extremely long, and difficult on the body, and the calendar is rather long too, with a massive number of events being on offer during the season. Most players at some point carry both subtle and serious injuries into an event, which often affects their performances. It would be worth monitoring a players’ fitness, as you don’t want to stake £50 on Andy Murray for him to pull out halfway through the game with an ankle injury. Betting earlier on in the year will be less risky, as the players are often fresh, but never back a player who has looks affected by an injury.

Tip 6 – Look At The Playing Conditions

This tip is perhaps one of the most important, as tennis is massively affected by the type of court, and the conditions. Most players have their preferences with what surface they play best on, which only means that they also have courts which they less than enjoy playing on. A bold example would be Rafael Nadal, the king of clay court tennis, but not so good on grass. The speed of a court is very much real, it’s not an overhyped term used by players, it actually exists. Checking head to head stats on a course would be recommended, as it’s like a football team playing at home or away, completely different.

Tip 7 – Discover The Playing Style Of A Player

In tennis, like every other sport, each player has their own unique playing style. Left handed players are often tricky to beat by right handed players, and many other players just can’t beat certain others, almost as if they are cursed to always lose. Again, monitor head to heads and you’ll be okay.

Tip 8 – The Stages Of A Game

This is more focused on in-play, as many players have their strengths and weaknesses during a single game. Some are big servers, and some are great at coming from behind in a game to level the game 40-40, with some players even bottling it as soon as they get advantages! Information on these stats can also be accessed.

Some players often have breaks, or time-outs for ‘injuries’; these are often useful for creating a break in momentum when the other player is on top. Look out for these, as momentum is a massive factor in tennis, it can carry a player through a tough game. Longer time-outs mean trouble though, so look out for those too.

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