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Betting On Snooker: Our Guide To Success

Betting On Snooker: Our Guide To Success

Snooker, a simple game where there is always the same amount of reds on the table, along with the very same six colours too. Despite this sounding simple, there are many factors that complicate betting.  Our guide will help you gain success from snooker in the form of long-term profitable betting.


Before 2010, snooker was a sport that was in decline, with very little media coverage and hardly any attention being paid to it by sport fans, but then came its saviour, Matchroom Sport, led by Barry Hearn. The ex-boxing promoter had previously revolutionised darts and had decided it was time for snooker to be revolutionised too, so he took over the governing body for snooker. It has been glory days since.

The three most notable events on the snooker calendar are the three majors, which are all broadcasted on BBC. The first of those 3 majors to appear in the season is the UK Championship, which is the second largest event of the season in terms of ranking points for the players. The Masters follows the UK Championship, which is played in January, and only consists of the top 16 best players in the world. It’s then not until the end of the season where the final major takes place, which is the World Championship, the finest event which snooker has on offer. The WC see’s the best players in action, with the longest matches of the year being played.

Along with the three big-majors, there are many other international events, and Players Tour championship events too.

Then there is the Premier League, which is like the Premier League of Darts. It consists of seven players playing for points on a weekly basis, televised on Sky Sports. There is also the Snooker shootout, which consists of a weekend of snooker, with the aim to defeat your opponent over one frame; it is a knockout tournament.  This type of event is fantastic for punters who are a little impatient with having to wait longer to see the outcome of their bet’s, with results being settled so much quicker than the usual format of longer played games.

Before placing a bet, have a large look at the various tournaments and formats, you may prefer betting on the usually longer games, or you may want to bet on the slightly more intense knockout games.

Available Markets

Similarly, to other Sports, Snooker has a wide range of markets on offer, making it easier to bet on particular outcomes. The main markets for Tournaments are:

Outright winner
Who will reach the final?
Who will in the quarter?

The main markets in matches are:

To win the match
Handicap betting
Correct score of the match
Frame betting
Highest break

Place bets on markets that you are most confident with then slowly start to bet on the slightly more difficult markets.


With snooker having such a busy season, not many players can maintain top form all season long, similarly to football. Due to the vast number of tournaments, the rankings of a player can dramatically change as the season goes on. Many players who have ended up winning the majors, have featured out of the top 10, and even the top 16, which had them initially as massive outsiders with the bookies. The busy year also allows players, who aren’t in the top 16, to gain the benefits of the bigger players having bad patches, and cause upsets in games. Many players who are not in the top 16 have gone on to be outright winners to.

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This makes it tricky to bet on throughout the year, but looking at the previous two ranking events that the player has took part in will give you a promising idea on their current form. Despite upsets occurring, it is highly unlikely they will happen in the World Championship, so don’t be scared with backing the big guys, just be a bit wary when selecting how much to stake.

Watch Minor Events

With Barry Hearn’s revolution having a continuous greater affect as his relationship with snooker increases, brings even more benefits for us punters. Almost every snooker game has become available to stream live, ensuring we can take note of upcoming players, and those who are on the way down.

Many punters who have took snooker betting seriously, have been committed to watching the smaller names, and those less ranked in minor events, and have benefitted massively from doing so. There have been times where players who aren’t well known, have had excellent results in the minor events, which has carried over to the major events.

Look At The Playing Styles Of Each Player

We don’t recommend you watch every snooker player, and every game, but watching as many games as possible will only increase your chances of winning. Learn their strengths and weaknesses, and when they tend to occur during a frame/game. Some players may start fast, which makes it easier to back them in the first few frames, whereas others are master breakers, or take a little bit of time to settle into their rhythm. There are many title winners that are extremely consistent, but feature in tight and scrappy games during their run in to a final. Consider other tips outlined in this guide, and you may be in with the money if you back an upset.

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