Betting It All On Black: Life Of A Pro Casino Gambler

Posted November 10, 2016

By Darren @ Betting Gods

What is it like to be a professional casino gambler? Imagine, for a moment if you will, that tomorrow morning you don’t need to get up and head to your dreary office. Instead, you might drive to your local casino, play the slots or place a bet on the roulette wheel. This is your job now, the art of betting big and winning bigger.

On occasion, you might head off on a plane to Las Vegas, home of America’s biggest and brightest casinos. There, you’ll be playing on a whole new level with bright lights around every turn and the chance to win big each day. Of course, it’s not all sunshine and roses as we are about to discover. But, if you play your cards right, literally, the lifestyle of a pro-casino gambler could be a dream come true.

The Best Part of Being a Pro Casino Gambler

According to Christatos Aristad, the best part of being a pro-casino gambler is the rush and the thrill. We can imagine that it’s quite exhilarating, betting it all on black and never knowing completely how it’s going to turn out. According to Mr Aristad, he’s had quite a few exciting experiences with just over fifty years on this earth. But apparently, nothing has ever compared to the rush he received from gambling.

Now, sceptics would suggest this is due to the addiction that many researchers agree gamblers feel as they place their bets. But Aristad would perhaps disagree and suggest it’s more to do with the risk. When you bet and bet big, it’s just you against the dice of fate. At that point, putting your fate on the table can feel like a rush of power. It’s unbeatable and in many cases completely irresistible.

The Worst Part

Many people might presume that being a pro gambler is all fun and games. These people aren’t taking their lives and finances seriously, are they? According to Christatos, this lifestyle is a business, similar to any other. Many times in the past, the man has been gambling with other people’s money. They had trusted him to come through and double their earnings. If he failed or faltered, he would lose their trust and the possibility of making even larger profits.

Like any other employee, Christatos often had people that he answered to. Indeed, it seems it was quite similar to how you or I may be held by the orders of our employers. So, those who are hoping for freedom through pro-gambling might be disappointed. In this way, Mr Aristad claims that the pro-gambling life is aptly double-edged. There are plenty of advantages as well as undeniable limitations.

Living In Luxury

When you’re a pro, you’re not gambling with chump change. The stakes will be high, and the losses can be tough to bounce back from. If you slip up, if you make an error sitting at the table with the cards in your hands, you could lose a lot. Worse still, you may lose money that isn’t yours but rather belongs to someone who has put their faith in you.

In this way, pro gamblers are agents, working for their clients to get the biggest win. Naturally, being trusted with large amounts of cash does pay off. It is certainly true to say that pro gamblers often live luxurious lifestyles. They can afford to live in large apartments and treat their families to extravagant holidays. At least, that’s the story Dirk Paulsen spins. Paulsen started gambling at age 24, and his career as a pro gambler began with a stumble. He lost a big bet, trusting his gut rather than calculations and it was this change that led him to the lifestyle he has today.

It’s Not Luck

Both Aristad and Paulsen share the same warning. When you’re a pro, gambling isn’t about luck. You have to make calculated risks in the same way that an investor would choose what stock to purchase. The phrase ‘luck be a lady tonight’ doesn’t apply to these guys, and they’ve seen a lot of people get that wrong. If you gamble with your gut as a pro, you stand to lose a lot of money. You can’t afford to be frivolous with your bets and each one needs to be chosen carefully.

This is what separates the pros from the rookies. The rookies look for some fun on the casino floor. For the pros, walking into a casino is like walking into an office of any other job in the world. The only difference is that when they leave their pockets are often full with their winnings.

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