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Betting In The United States Of America: Our Guide
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Betting In The United States Of America: Our Guide

There has been a dramatic change of the online sports betting landscape in recent years for punters in the United States. Whilst the bookie industry, moreover the gambling industry, has been booming in other western countries, it is still unregulated in America, and it probably won’t be regulated anytime soon.

It appears that most American bookie operators are regulated in countries where they are licensed, it’s just a shame that they operate with very little government oversight. This issue raises many complications for customers, as the bookmakers can handle player disputes without having to conform with any regulations which protects them. Often with a dispute, the player will not receive payment and the dispute will be squashed.

It is fair to suggest that due to the lack of regulation, the online bookie industry in America is somewhat comparable to ‘risk headquarters of the bookie sector. With this being said, it would be wrong to not mention the fact that there are plenty of safe and reliable bookmakers in the US that have fantastic track records with their customer satisfaction. It is also important to remember that there are bad companies in every sector, so the unprofessional activity of one bookie shouldn’t stop you from being a lifelong user of any other bookies in the US.

Whilst the United States may not have as many options on offer compared with bookmakers from Europe, Australia and Canada, there is still an ample number of good bookmakers that are available to sign up with.

We will list the best US bookmakers below:

GT Bets –
Bookmaker –
BetDSI –
5Dimes –
BetOnline –

We recommend you use these if you are from the United States, as they are perhaps the most safe and reliable bookmakers for you to use.

Is It Illegal To Bet On Sport In The U.S?

This is the question that confuses many American residents, as well as many people from around the world, and we’re here to answer it! The answer is quite simple, it is not illegal to bet on sports in the US, but it can be illegal in many states. So, on a federal level, it isn’t seen as illegal, but you may be charged dependent on what state you reside in, especially if you win big. It is important to note though that there has only been one case with a customer being charged, and that was almost 15 years ago.

With regards to any form of internet gambling, it has been outlawed in both Washington and Utah, and have declared it as a felony, but prosecution is unlikely to happen if you are caught. There have been no convictions for anyone who has wagered on poker, casino or any other online games for that matter (as of 2013).

Going back to bookmakers, it isn’t illegal to go into a banned bookie to place a bet, which is extremely odd, and makes it contradictory.

Whilst there can be uncertainty around the law of betting in USA, just know that it isn’t likely that you will be convicted if you place a bet in a state has outlawed betting.

Be Careful With Your Money

Many American’s will agree with us in how fantastic e-wallets are when betting, as it makes it so much easier to move money around. It has however been made unavailable to all residents of the United States, making the options scarce. There are now only a limited number of options for American citizens with payment methods.

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The method that is used more than others with making deposits are the use of credit cards, and are accepted by almost every operator outside of the country. It is more common to use Visa, as Mastercard isn’t accepted by as many operators.

Finding and using a deposit method isn’t the problem though, the problem is finding a bookmaker that are reliable and dependable with your money. As mentioned previously, many will often not pay out if there is a dispute, or they may not pay your winnings straight away. The annoying part is that they can do this, due to the industry being unregulated, so they don’t have to follow any rules. So, if you beat the bookie really bad, and win a huge stash of money, there could be a chance that you will never see your winnings.

There are also a lot of recent bookmakers that have been purely designed to scam customers, by taking your money and leaving. There may also be bookmakers who use extremely harsh terms and conditions without your knowledge, so be very careful, and stick to our recommended bookmakers listed previously in this guide.

Don’t Be Put Off

Although there are many bandit bookmakers out there, along with grey areas in the law, don’t feel afraid to make bets. We have told you that there are many bookmakers available to American’s who are ultra-professional, and take pride in being the good guys.

Betting can be exhilarating, and extremely fun, but remember to always gamble responsibly!

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