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The Bookie Smasher

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Raffaele’s service is about lots of bets across a range of sports to spread the risk whilst hitting winners 58.67% of the time.

It’s this approach that has enabled him to take £1,078.75 from the bookies with straight £10 bets on each of his tips. That’s right – these stats weren’t achieved with complex staking and loss recovery but with level £10 bets.

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The Bookie Smasher

About Raffaele

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Do you fancy attacking the bookies from multiple angles? Football, Tennis, eSports, Hockey, Badminton, Formula 1, Rugby, Cricket, Volleyball.

That’s exactly what The Bookie Smasher is able to do. Every day, Raffaele analyses a whole variety of sports markets looking for easy wins. It’s how he’s able to win 58.67% of the time.

By covering a range of markets, Raffaele goes after the bookies from all directions and is able to pull in an average profit of £71.92 per month with just £10 level stakes.

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Key Facts

Important Information about The Bookie Smasher

Active Since: May 2019

Raffaele started the service in May 2019 and since then has produced £1,078.75 with £10 bets

Proofing Period: 29 weeks

Raffaele completed 29 weeks of vetting from 15th May 2019 to 8th December 2019 before going public

Recommended Bookmakers:

Raffaele most commonly advises tips with the following bookies: Bet365, Betfred, William Hill, Marathonbet, Sportingbet

Recommended Starting Bank: 50pts

Raffaele recommends a 50pts starting bank to keep your money protected. He has grown this by 215.76%!

Tips Sent: Between 10.00am and 12.00noon

Tips from Raffaele are sent Monday to Sunday between 10.00am and 12.00noon

Tips Per Month: 135 on Average

Raffaele sends around 135 bets per month via email, our mobile app and through the members area

Average Odds: 1.82

Why profit from one sport when you can profit from several with long winning streaks and low risk?

Profitable Months: 8 out of 15 Months

Based on results back to May 2019, Raffaele has ended the month with a profit 53.33% of the time

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've Answered the Most Common Concerns from Punters

? Will I Be Automatically Changed in Future?

If you join one of the subscriptions above you will be charged £1.99 today followed by the subscription payment you select. You are completely free to cancel at anytime however.

? Am I Tied into a Contract?

We never implement minimum term contracts at Betting Gods and you're always free to cancel at any time.

? Will I Win Everyday?

You won't. No tipster can guarentee a win every day. What we can accurately say is that since The Bookie Smasher joined Betting Gods, they have won 58.67% of their bets

? How are Tips Sent?

We are constantly striving to make it as easy as possible to access tips. Tips will be sent via email, through the Betting Gods members area and published to the free iOS and Android apps which allow you to receive instant notifications

? Do I Need Accounts with Specific Bookies?

You'll be able to find every tip on all the major bookmakers however it is a good idea to have access to a variety of bookmakers to take advantage of the best odds available

? Can I Get a Refund?

Across Betting Gods, we have a 30-day money back guaratee. This means you can claim a refund on any payment made in the previous 30-days

? I've Been Scammed Before - Is This Another?

We see scam tipsters come and go weekly. By joining a tipster through Betting Gods, you can be safe in the knowledge that they are represented by a brand that has existed since 2014 with a positive TrustPilot rating

? Can You Guarantee a Profit?

Please don't fall for promises of guaranteed profit. No one can guarantee a profit. It's gambling. The Bookie Smasher will never guarantee a profit but will always work as hard as possible to end each month with a profit

? When Are Tips Sent?

Tips are sent by The Bookie Smasher between 10.00am and 12.00noon and you will receive a notification if there are no tips for the day

? I Have More Questions - Can I Speak to Someone?

Absolutely! The best way to get in contact is via email. Just drop us an email to [email protected]

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£1.99 for 15 Days

Then £27 Per Month

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