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Why You’ll Never Be A Pro-Gambler
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Why You’ll Never Be A Pro-Gambler

You’d be forgiven for thinking that being a professional gambler is just as glamorous as Hollywood makes it out to be, but in reality it is anything but. If your idea of professional gambling involves high stakes and life-changing windfalls, you’ll never be a pro-gambler. Professional gamblers are more like businessmen or investors; being successful in this trade is about keeping a cool head through the rough as well as the smooth.

Patience, Patience, Patience

Do you consider yourself to be a patient person? If the answer’s yes, the good news is you’re probably better suited than most to the gambling game. Patience is the number one rule of gambling professionally; just as nobody goes through life expecting to win the lottery, it’s not realistic to expect a big win on a high odds bet. Making regular, small stakes bets which provide a modest but significant net profit is the way to make a living – and not a loss – as a pro-gambler.

Many new gamblers fall into the trap of expecting that every bet is going to be a win. If that were the case, it could hardly be called betting! Even if you get your advice from a pro-tipster, losses as well as wins are par for the course. What’s important is overall profit; that your wins should make up for your losses. This is where patience is key: don’t lose your head when you lose your money. Which brings me to my next point…

Stay Detached

The biggest difference between a casual gambler and a professional gambler is emotional attachment. Casual gamblers play for the fun of it; the adrenaline that comes whether you win or you lose, and that same adrenaline that pushes you to make bet after bet no matter the outcome. Professional gamblers, on the other hand, always maintain a sensible distance from their bets. Getting too caught up in the emotional ride of the punt is what will lead to rash decisions and bad bets.

If you’ve ever put money into investments or stocks and shares, you’ll know that they go up as well as down. You’ll also know that taking your money out as soon as it drops in value is generally a terrible idea. Well, surprise surprise – gambling is no different. Whether your bets win or lose, the key is to stay the course, and just continue making the bets you originally intended. Don’t make bets on impulse. Use your head, not your heart.

Taking The Long View

When you start to consider gambling to be a serious source of income, you’ll soon find that it’s not that much different to any other line of work. It’s not about thrills, and you’re not going to make a fortune overnight. If you go into the pro-gambling game with those expectations, you’d be better off quitting now.

Professional gambling is about the long game. As with any kind of steady income, you’re intending to make a steady profit over time, and this will include peaks and troughs in your successes. Just as it’s important not to get too disheartened when you don’t make a profit one month, it’s also just as crucial not to get cocky when you do well in another month. Putting your winnings (and your ego) aside will help you to ride out the rough months that will inevitably come.

Gamble Like A Pro

Who better to give us an insight into gambling like a professional than one of our very own pro-tipsters? Let’s take a look at Quentin Frank’s Racing, one of our expert horse racing tipsters. If you had placed the 70-90 bets per month that Quentin advises, each at a stake of £10 per point, you would have made a total of £6,638.90 profit since July 2014. This is the equivalent of a 21.08% return on your investment – a great return.

However, it’s possible to paint a different picture. Quentin Frank’s Racing’s longest losing run is 23 bets, which is enough to make even the most stoic of punters pale a little. The vast majority of months over the past two years garnered profits for punters following this tipster, but a couple of a months have seen losses. What’s important is remembering that losses are normal and to be expected; by keeping their cool and continuing to follow the tips, our customers have managed to turn their hobby into a bona fide business investment and see great returns.

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  1. Thanks for this. All makes sense. Coupe of questions. When would you consider leaving a tipster? How badly wrong would things have to go? Also, any ideas re diversification? In all honesty I’ve just come to this and I’m trying to decide if it’s genuinely profitable. I’m potentially an investor. Not a gambler or seeking Insta riches, but also seeking not to get sucked into anything -ev. Nothing personal. Just the internet is a jungle and I’m consequently circumspect. There’s no hard research that can give me the definitive thumbs up on this or any other service for the long term so I propose to run with this for a set period of time and see what happens. How long is enough? Thanks for the article!

  2. take a look at the previous results of the tipster you want, betting gods publish these from tipsters starrt,
    do a dry run, for a months subscription, make sure the style of the tipster has not changed ,if in past results they have tipped 2-5 selections a day and on short prices they should have doner the same in your dry run, if they have suddenly changed the style of advises beware, the past results could all be fake
    it usuallly works for me

    • Darren @ Betting Gods

      Thanks John, besides the fact that it would be illegal to publish fake results it is also massively morally and ethically wrong.

  3. Do you think it is better to have just one tipster or how many would you advise to have, to be able to have a stable second income

    • Darren @ Betting Gods

      I think when new it’s best to start with one; get comfortable and confident, then build a portfolio of 2 or 3 – essentially as you would when investing in company stocks or shares.

  4. What advice can you provide in relation to placing stake techniques to avoid being subject to Bookmaker (online and in store) restrictions and closure of accounts?

    • Darren @ Betting Gods

      Hi Hugo, my recommendation is to spread your bets around as many bookmakers as possible.
      Also always use rounded stakes – ie. $20, $10, $5 rather than (for example) $19.50, $10.70, $4.75, and limit the amount of withdrawals you make.
      It’s always worth using the occasional small amount for silly bets – accumulators at crazy odds, or a quick spin on roulette or slots.

      You’re looking to give the impression that you’re gambling for the thrill of the chase, rather than betting professionally.


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