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Why Sports Betting Companies Should Pay Back
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Why Sports Betting Companies Should Pay Back

Sports betting is a social thing, which brings people together from every different background. Whether you love horse-racing, greyhounds, football or cricket, there is a betting community out there ready to welcome you with open arms (and maybe help you win a few windfalls along the way).

Community is such a big part of the punting world, that many sports betting sites are now going out of their way to support these punters and give back to them in a number of different ways. Betting Gods is proud to be at the forefront of this movement, and we have been leading the way when it comes to showing support for our sector and also the people who make it work.

We believe that all sports betting companies should pay back to the community, and this is why.

Why Should Companies Give Back?

We at Betting Gods believe that any successful business has numerous responsibilities to not only its clientele, but also the community which surrounds it.

We believe that each and every company should have…

A Responsibility To Nurture Future Talent

Talent can only flourish when it is given the chance to make itself known. We have written profiles on jockeys and trainers such as AP McCoy, JP McManus, Jonjo O’Neill who were only able to accomplish their dreams of dominating their sector because the opportunities were there. We want to give trainers the ability to field their runners and let them grow, allow green jockeys a chance to ride, and help the sector to grow and flourish through our sponsorship of races and events.

A Responsibility To Encourage Safe Gambling

One of the core messages that we try to reinforce at Betting Gods is a commitment to responsible gambling. Whether this is winding this message through all of our posts or providing links to helpful materials and content, we fully commit to the letter and spirit of the law so that our punters are able to easily acquire all the support they need.

A Responsibility To Our Punters

We believe that each company has a responsibility to make sure that its punters are given the best possible service at all times. To help ensure this, all our tipsters are transparently marketed to show a clear ROI and strike rate, so we can be sure that our customers are given a quantifiably great service. Coupled with a no-commitment trial plan, we want to make sure that any experience with us is as helpful as can be.

A Responsibility To Give A Little Back

It’s undeniable that companies in our sector can always be doing more and we at Betting Gods are keen to make sure that we provide as many positive benefits through our work to society at large. We are fortunate enough to be working in sector that we love, and we want to make sure that other individuals have a chance to realise their potential and goals too.

For us at Betting Gods, these break down into three key strands that we believe are important to and company working in our sector address: paying back to our punters; paying back to the sector; and paying back to the wider community.

So, how have we committed to these in the past and where do we plan to help where we can in future?

By Paying Back Our Punters
Our reliable, trustworthy tipster service puts transparency front and centre, and helps our punters to make the most of every pound.

Our founder Darren Moore believes in complete honesty when reporting on any tips and in breaking down the taboos by offering an informed, intelligent way to bet. This includes a focus on customer delight – with such a wealth of options out there, it’s not just enough to leave our clients merely satisfied; we want to provide a service that is a pleasure to interact with.

Our regular blogs also help to ensure that any individuals using our site are warned about scams, best practices, and ongoing trends.

Paying Back Our Sector
We have a firm commitment to giving back to our sector through support multiple events. Most recently, we sponsored several races at the Spring Festival Race day on 23 May at Nottingham.

We were also able to repeat our backing again on the 11 June and sponsored five of the seven races held on the day. We also made sure that we added value for punters by bringing along a selection of our tipsters on both sponsored days. This gave punters on the track an opportunity to get to know the team better and – most importantly – to help support five races.

We repeated this success with two further racing events – one which was held on 21 July, and another which will take place on 15 August.

We will continue to support these events wherever possible through our work with the Jockey Club and the Nottingham Racecourse and hope that you can find your way to head down and join us, or take advantage from the comfort of your living room.

Paying Back To The Community At Large
We believe in giving back to the community and are happy to announce a commitment to do so with our backing of the Maltese Social Causes Fund: [page 13 of http://www.mga.org.mt/wp-content/uploads/White-Paper-to-Future-Proof-Maltas-Gaming-Legal-Framework.pdf ]

This has been designed to replace the existing ‘Responsible Gaming Fund’ with the newly-created ‘Social Causes Fund’. We hope that this will improve upon the existing ‘Good Causes Fund’ and that it will offer a great opportunity for us to give back, due to its commitment to safe and responsible gaming, and a selection of other causes. Currently, the fund is being internally developed by the Maltese government and we are more than happy to go all-in with our support.

We don’t believe that people should be gambling with their futures and we whole-heartedly support the work that the Maltese Government is doing in bringing these policies to the table. We will regularly provide updates about our commitment to this new fund and the progress made toward its creation.

Overall, we love what we do and understand that any way we can support the community and our punters is great for them, and great for us. It is our intention to go on being meaningfully engaged and we are proud to be supporting our punters, sector, and society at large for years to come.

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