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What It Takes To Be A Pro Bettor
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What It Takes To Be A Pro Bettor

Sports betting can be a thoroughly enjoyable pastime whether you’re a fan of sports or simply looking for a bet. However, the majority of bettors lose their money.

But if you’re betting for fun then that’s not really an issue, however with some time, effort and perseverance you can start to win more than you lose.

Rather than going into this all guns blazing, you will find that almost all professionals will specialise on one particular sport and usually one season, league or speciality within that. Using Horse Racing as an example you may have a professional who focuses solely on the all weather racing.

At first you may bet on several leagues or seasons, but by keeping results as you bet you can later sit down to review your results and determine which particular option gives you the most success. That of course will then be your specialism.

Talking of specialising, it makes life much easier if you are able to do so on a sport that you genuinely find interesting and are happy to follow with a keen interest, as you will no doubt need to keep up to date with news, developments, trends and rumours to help you to keep those winners coming in.

As to how to get started, it helps to start with a system.
For example you may monitor last time out winners on the all weather with a view to backing them as place only.

You will find over time that you will identify trends within that basic system which you can then tweak along the way until you have the final polished product that is set to capture those winners.

Of course, you need a long-term view – don’t be judging your results on a weekly basis, you need a minimum time scale of 3 months to get a reasonable and realistic picture of the true performance.

As I said at the beginning, it all takes time, but good things will certainly come to those who wait and in life you only get out what you put in.

So we’ve found the perfect system after months of testing, and we’re going live.
It is vital that you are totally disciplined.

– Avoid all distractions when betting

– Never bet if you have any doubts whatsoever

– Only bet within the guidance of your system

– Only bet what you can afford to lose (you should have established a betting bank prior to going live anyway)

– Place your bets within plenty of time before the cut off time

Also, if you’re really serious about making this work, and your system is giving you regular bets then please ensure that you have a backup plan in place. There’s nothing worse than losing your internet connection for a couple of hours or having hardware problems only to miss that day’s winner – so think ahead. Can you bet via your phone? Could you visit the local bookie?

This has been a fairly short guide, but hopefully has provided some food for though about what it takes to make it as a professional bettor on your own.

Please do let me know your thoughts, and I’d love to hear how you get on with your betting.

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  1. yes, it definitley makes sense to focus on one sport or type of racing as it takes time to gather the knowledge needed to be successful. I stick to flat racing and focus on recent form and i’ve recently started to look at the type of track a horse ran on previously, especially if it ran well, as this can show some good pointers. I only bet small amounts but each season my judgement improves.

    • Darren @ Betting Gods

      Thanks for the comment Dave.
      Good to hear that your judgment is continually improving.

      Patience and focus always pays off.


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