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What Is A Betting Broker And Should I Use One?
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What Is A Betting Broker And Should I Use One?

For those harbouring ideas about bringing in substantial earnings, or even making a living from betting, the idea of using a broker has probably crossed your mind already. Using a bookmaker will often leave customers frustrated as a result of account closures and restricted activity, making the use of a betting broker even more important in terms of maximising profits. Let’s take a closer look as to what a broker actually is, as well as helping you to make a decision surrounding their use.

What is a Betting Broker?

A broker aims to provide their clients with an account from which they can utilise the best odds offered from a range of bookmakers. This allows punters to streamline the way in which they place bets, by having access to the best odds across the market. The ability to bet at higher limits than those typically found at an individual bookmaker is priceless, with brokers effectively acting as a middleman between bookmakers and clients. Opening accounts, providing credit and withdrawing money are just some of the tasks completed by brokers.

Why Use a Betting Broker?

If you are still not familiar as to just why many punters are turning to the help of brokers, the following are just a sample of the ways in which they can be of service:


A betting broker provides the ability to utilise only the very best odds available on a particular market, meaning that the amount of commission taken by the bookmaker is reduced. Although it may not appear to be a huge amount, even a 1% reduction from your earnings can add up to a significant figure in the long run.


A betting broker will usually operate from a single account, where you can place all of your bets. As well as ensuring that much of the hassle is taken away, it also majorly streamlines the betting process, which as we all know, can sometimes be a little arduous. Moving money from bookmaker to bookmaker is not the most enjoyable of tasks, making the use of a broker all the more appealing.

Betting Limits

Despite the fact that the majority of major bookmakers will offer betting limits that are satisfactory for most of us, using a broker can significantly increase those limits to an even higher amount. Brokers are able to request maximum bet limits, which can potentially multiply your earnings substantially. This is one of the main reasons as to why professional bettors will use a betting broker.

Enhanced Access

There are some bookmakers that are only available to brokers, meaning that you will gain access to platforms that are not made for the general public. With a great deal operating out of Asia, such platforms only process transactions made by brokers, with greater limits often available too.

Now that you know just what it is that a betting broker can do for you, let’s discuss some of the finer details surrounding them. Safety, reliability and cost are some of the most important factors for betting customers, which will often be the reason as to why they are not utilised by a higher percentage of punters.

Are Brokers Safe?

It is understandable that having someone else carry out such tasks for you could raise concerns surrounding safety. As a result, it is crucial to fully research available brokers before making any rash decisions, before only selecting those who come recommended or have positive reviews. Betting forums are the ideal place to find such information, with more and more people trying to crack the market.

What Does a Broker Cost?

Even for professional bettors, seeing someone else taking a percentage of your winnings can be significant. When it comes to costs, it will vary from broker to broker, with some charging fees for placing bets, while others will take money for withdrawing money. Again, be sure to ensure that you fully understand all costs involved before making any decisions, as they can make a serious dent in your winnings in the long-term.

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