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The Future Of Virtual Reality In Casinos
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The Future Of Virtual Reality In Casinos

With virtual reality becoming increasing popular in video gaming, it seems a natural progression that VR will gain prominence in casino games too. It has already started in some online casinos, with other VR gaming projects in the pipeline.

Why are casinos looking at VR gaming?

The competition for online casinos is stiff, with many sites trying to attract and retain players. Although generous welcome packages and ongoing bonuses are beneficial, every casino needs to come up with something different to keep ahead of the game.

With advances in technology, online casinos must make sure their games can be played across multiple platforms, taking full advantage of the latest options, retaining existing customers and appealing to new ones.

Over the past couple of decades, online casinos have evolved to keep pace with the rapidly advancing technology, embracing live casino games with human dealers in real time and using high-definition 3D graphics.

Casinos are aiming to provide a gaming environment that’s as realistic as possible so that gamers who don’t want to go out to a bricks-and-mortar casino can experience the thrills and excitement of playing from the comfort of their own home, or while on the move.

The next generation of gaming is already here in the shape of virtual reality casinos. The move is one that should appeal to the younger generation of gamers, who are keen to enjoy an interactive, more immersive experience. After all, these young gamers are the future of the online casino industry and thanks to virtual reality technology, the online experience could become better than the real thing.

How does VR gaming work?

Also known as computer-simulated reality, VR technology simulates a player’s physical presence in a specific environment so that they can interact with it. This can be achieved through a VR headset and other equipment that provides a sensory experience, involving sight, touch and hearing.

Until now, VR has been predominantly used for leisure purposes, such as watching 3D movies or creating an imaginary world for a video game, for example. It’s also widely used as a training tool to prepare people for real-life environments, such as flight simulator tools for pilots.

Now, there’s a very real probability that we’ll be able to put on our VR headset, stroll through glamorous casinos, play some games and then take off the headset and be back at home relaxing on the settee.

The headset comes in the shape of a soundproof, lightproof device, equipped with its own sound system and LED screens. The gamer’s experience won’t be disturbed by their physical environment because the headset is designed to block out all external sights and sounds, enabling the player to become completely immersed in their VR world.


Amazingly, the first VR headset was actually created in the 1990s for video gamers. Of course, the technology has advanced in leaps and bounds since then and in the not-too-distant future, the average casino player could be enjoying poker, table games and slots in a real-life setting through a modern VR headset.

Other tools needed to create the ultimate virtual reality casino experience are likely to include some kind of joystick and possibly some type of wearable technology to help provide an even more realistic experience.

Developers have tried to create wearable technology in the past for gamers, but in truth, much of it wasn’t a great commercial success.

However, more recently, wearable devices such as the Fitbit and the Apple Watch have been very successful, proving that people will use such devices if they have a proper incentive to do so. Nothing could be more exciting for casino gamers than experiencing more realistic, cutting-edge gameplay.

Gamers can already benefit from playing just about anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection and a mobile device. Enabling players to access their favourite casino games while on the move has brought online gambling into the 21st century and achieved a new level of interactive gaming.

Now, major global software developers are testing new technology and have joined the race to create the ultimate virtual reality gaming experience for casino fans.

Merging reality and virtual gaming

As gamers will be aware, the technology to create virtual card rooms and make them act like the real thing already exists. For example, you can sit at an online casino poker table, hear the other players’ voices and even speak to the dealer.

However, for someone playing live poker tournaments too, they can vouch for the fact that it’s a totally different feeling when they play in a bricks-and-mortar casino.

Virtual reality is aimed at smoothing out the differences between the two worlds. Players will be able to enter online tournaments in a virtual casino that will look and feel like the real thing. If you’re playing well, you can even experience the excitement of being at a televised poker tournament.

Whatever the future holds for this new era of virtual reality casino gaming, early indicators are that it’s going to be pretty amazing.

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