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Secret Betting Club – What’s It All About?
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Secret Betting Club – What’s It All About?

NOTE: Secret Betting Club is now known as Smart Betting Club

The Secret Betting Club / Smart Betting Club is a gambler’s dream; full of tipster trials, tipster reviews and detailed tipster reports. With so many get-rich quick schemes, dubious recommendations and all-out cons on the internet, Secret Betting Club offers something a little bit special.

It’s completely independent. In order to give punters the most accurate, honest and useful betting information, they are completely non-affiliated. They make their money through members subscriptions so they’re totally invested in giving you an awesome service.

History / Who Owns Secret Betting Club?

Established in 2006, The Secret Betting Club set out from the start to be an honest and independent guide to tipsters. Founder Pete Ling wanted to create a place for gamblers to find trustworthy reviews of the huge range of tipsters out there. Growing into a small team of experts, The Secret Betting Club has spent the last 12 years advocating for punters, advising gamblers all over the world and has managed to stay fiercely independent.

With years of gambling experience and a wealth of knowledge on the subject, Pete has become a familiar face in the betting world, being interviewed on BBC News, Racing FM and Gambling Insider. He also continues to edit the SBC Magazine and Tipster Profit Report.

So, How Does It Work?

Members of The Secret Betting Club choose what membership level they’d like and, based on that, they get access to the entire catalogue of reviews, reports and statistics. There are four membership tiers – Free, Silver, Gold and Platinum – so you can choose which level is best for you and your style of betting.

Members receive the SBC Magazine which comes out six times a year, packed with tips, articles and reviews. Members also get access to SBC’s Tipster Profit Reports, which contain regularly updated results from about 60 specially selected tipsters.


The Secret Betting Club is the only 100% Independent betting review service out there. They are proud to be on the punter’s side, and are happy to take a stand and help you beat the bookies. Their totally membership-funded business means that they are invested in giving their members the very best information and they can’t be swayed by outside influences.

The Secret Betting Club has always sought to be an independent and non-affiliated site; so, instead of taking deals and pushing someone else’s agenda on you, it’s funded by its members.

Practical Betting Help

It’s not just reports and statistics, the guys at The Secret Betting Club also have some great practical gambling tips and advice on how you can use tipsters to make the most money online. Through their blog, forum and magazines, you can access tips from genuine experts in the field.

Whether you’re a betting novice or veteran, these guys know their stuff and can advise you which tipsters are worth paying attention to. They’re also realistic – they won’t promise you unlimited winnings and huge returns on tiny stakes, they offer real, honest advice, taking your financial means and time into account.

Detailed Reports

Secret Betting Club reports are available to members and are one of the best things this site offers. They look at what’s going on in the betting world and select 60 tipsters who they think you should be paying attention to. They also look long-term and provide the history of the tipster, so you can see what they’ve been saying and whether or not it adds up.

Each one contains up to date, accurate information so you can see which tipsters can get you the most profit for your money. They also take into account longevity, the betting market, profits made in a year and the availability of odds. The Secret Betting Club Tipster Reports are an incredibly useful tool for punters and can really pay off.

Free Trials / Exclusive Offers

As well as all the independent information you could ever need, Secret Betting Club members also get access to a great range of trials, special offers and limited deals. Only really good deals are selected, and in some cases, members have paid for their membership purely through the savings they’ve gained with the special offers.

Best Tipster Guide

Introduced in 2016, and only available to Platinum members, the Best Tipster Guide is a yearly series of reports on the very best tipsters around. This handy guide takes in everything the Tipster Reports find and take it up a notch, telling who you should be following this year in betting and how you can make serious money with tipsters.

What Do Punters Think About It?

The Secret Betting Club has built quite a following, and has been featured on a wide range of betting sites, like Racing FM, Betting Expert and Gambling Insider. It’s important to know what other punters think too, so we’ve had a look through their testimonials and you can too.

There’s more than a few success stories and members really do seem impressed with the quality of SBC reports and information, many earning considerable amounts through their tipsters.

What Does Betting Gods Think About It?

There are hundreds of betting sites out there, and many of them claim to make you tons of money without any evidence to back up their claims, and some may have reviews from biased sites who receive a commission on referrals.

Secret Betting Club isn’t like that: it’s realistic, it’s run by experts and it’s completely independent. Over the last 12 years, they’ve built up an incredibly smooth and detailed process to find the very best tipsters, and provide the tools you need to start betting effectively. At Betting Gods, we know the betting world pretty well and we’re genuinely impressed with the site.

Go Sign Up!

If you’re interested in joining the Secret Betting Club, there are a few options available to you. You can try out the free membership option, where you get two free magazines, a free tipster report and a free bookie guide. But if you’re happy to invest in The Secret Betting Club, then there are three options for you, and you can sign up here to read more about the options.

Keep an eye out for special offers on membership too. Basically, the different levels give you access to different amounts of information, so for example, if you sign up to Platinum membership you can access the entire back catalogue of SBC magazines, but with silver you can’t. There’s a handy chart here so you can see the different perks for the membership tiers.

So if you’re looking to raise your betting game and you want to know which tipsters you can trust, sign up to The Secret Betting Club and let us know what you think!

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