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How To Select A Worthwhile Tipster For Your Portfolio
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How To Select A Worthwhile Tipster For Your Portfolio

While a dog can be a man’s best friend, a reliable tipster is the gambling man’s brother in arms. Choosing to subscribe to a tipster can help increase your knowledge of the sector you’re choosing to punt on and with online gambling booming alongside social media, it’s never been easier for you to make a reliable pick.

Modern tipsters live, breath and sleep their league or event, so they can be an invaluable lifeline when it comes to providing solid picks. And with all that extra time on your hands, there’s no reason why you can’t carry out your own research on the sector…or start up your old five-a-side team again.

So, when it comes to identifying and settling on who you should approach, what should you bear in mind?

What Should you Consider?

First and foremost, it is important to remember that any tipster you subscribe to is working for you as an advisor and consultant. And if any advisor keeps steering you the wrong way, it may be time to let them go. However, if you are continuously on the receiving end of bad advice, maybe you made a poor pick in the first place…

It is therefore crucial to make sure that before you settle on someone to hand your hard-earned (or won) cash over to, make sure you ask yourself the following questions:

1. Where can you Find them?

With the online boom, almost every solid tipster will be represented online through an established gambling site, tipster site or independently through their own webpage (our’s are here). If you are unfamiliar with finding these resources, using any search engine will throw up a number of places that will allow you to start your search. Once you have found a site or resource that works for you, it’s crucial to ask the most important question of all…

2. Are they Verified?

First and foremost, it’s important that any individual you are backing is as vetted and verified as it is possible. While every punter has a run of bad luck every now and then, any individual tipster with a record of -15% over half a year of verified record should never be considered without a very good reason. Conversely, even an individual who has had an amazing recent streak should have their full-time record verified in order to let you see how consistent they have been. The smallest segment you should consider is 3 months end to end with a reviewed total of at least 100+ bets. Even then, this should be backed up with thorough research from yourself to make sure they are a solid pick.

Some popular verification/review sites include; Honest Betting Reviews, Cash Master, CheckATipster & Tipsters Review

3. How Much is it Going to Cost you?

As with everything in life, a key consideration of choosing a tipster is determining how much you will be out of pocket for their services. Every professional tipster you follow will ask for a subscription fee. As any habitual punter will set aside cash each month for regular stakes, it’s worth noting that your tipster’s fee will eat into that pile. Bearing this in mind, if you’re serious about your punting this can result in big pay-outs. But if you’re unsure, it’s worth carrying out more research to see if a regular or trial subscription would work for you and see if this make sense. If it helps, think of this as laying a bet that will require a regular monthly pay-out. Would to be happy to make it, month on month?

4. What do they Cover and How Often?

A tipster’s job is to cut through the complexity of gambling and save you valuable time by passing on an informed lead. More often than not, they will pass on a straight bet on an individual lead. If a tipster offers more complex tips this is something that should be considered very carefully – the more variables in play, the more of a chance there is that things may go wrong.

5. Are they Active on Social Media?

Any tipster worth his salt will be present on social media, tweeting or blogging regularly. With the rise in social media, it’s almost impossible for a tipster to operate without publicising themselves online. Often, this may be a huge advantage and allow you to get a better sense of their working practice when singling out tips. More importantly, it will be an opportunity for you to see the depth of their knowledge and if they genuinely know their apples from their oranges and are offering real insight or complete cobblers.

6. How Focussed are they?

As we all know it’s impossible (and often undesirable) to be a jack of all trades and being a tipster is no exception. There are only so many hours in the day and if a tipster is splitting their time between different leagues, events or even sports this is often a huge red flag that their knowledge and insight is in danger of being superficial. However, a little bit of knowledge can go a long way and if a tipster has good, proven and up to date knowledge on interconnected areas in the same field they can often prove to be useful when spreading your bets.

7. Do you know their Stats?

Finally, before you pull the trigger, as with anything in punting, it’s important to make sure that you are making a decision that is fully informed and backed up by statistical evidence. Make sure you have taken a look at the following stats for your would-be tipster:

Yield/Return on Investment (ROI): This covers the rate of return on any of the tips that they have made. Simply, the higher the percentage of return the safer a bet the tipster will prove to be. This is a key stat to consider as it’s hard to manipulate with inflated stakes.

Strike Rate: How successful the tipster has historically been.

Profit: How much profit that would have been made based on those bets wagered. As previously mentioned, while profit can be negative for a month or so – a continuous, historic downward trend will almost always signify trouble.

Struggling to chose a tipster? Then just ask below and we’ll do what we can to find a tipster who is tailored to your requirements:

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US Racing Expert

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  1. Hi,

    I’d be interested to see what tipster you recommend. I’ve tried most of them but have often wondered if I might be better off with just one or two.
    But I’m not sure what info you need.
    15 – 25% strike rate. More than one bet per day. Looking at value so I’d rather have smaller stakes at higher odds.
    Be interested to see what tipster you recommend

  2. Also should add to that list how realistic it is that you can get the odds advised and how quickly they change before you can get to back them yourself. If the timing of tips doesn’t suit then that will make a big difference to your profit


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