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Gambling Capital Of Britain Named, And It’s Scotland!
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Gambling Capital Of Britain Named, And It’s Scotland!

Around 67 per cent of Scots have participated in some form of gambling over the past year, meanwhile only 52 per cent of Londoner’s have gambled.

Scotland has just been named as the gambling capital of Britain, as it has been revealed that more than 2/3 of adults have gambled at least once each year.

It was discovered that around 67 per cent of scots have gambled in the past year, compared to the amount of people who gamble in London, which is 52 per cent.

This news has stemmed from a recent study that was conducted for the Gambling Commission, the regulators of the gambling industry.

All regions in England were examined, as well as Scotland and Wales.

It was also revealed that Scottish punters took part in online gambling more than anyone else in the UK, with a figure of 10%. The average for the rest of the UK was 7%.

The study showed that northerners (Scotland and Yorkshire) have used in-shop betting machines more than southerners, with 7% of all people using them. The average for the rest of the nation was a much lower 3% of adults.

Such machines that are being played consist of controversial FOBTs, which have fixed odds and have been labelled as ‘robbery machines’ of gambling.

People that use FOBTs, all 43 per cent of them, has increased risks of becoming problem gamblers, and others are already addicted.

Currently, FOBT’s allow customers to stake up to £100 every 20 seconds on popular games like poker and roulette. The government has suggested that there will be a cap on these machines, to decrease the chances of someone becoming a problem gambler, from either losing too much or winning huge amounts.

A spokesman for the Fairer Gambling campaign, Matt Zarb-Cousin, has stated: “That the problem gambling rate is increasing tells us all we need to know about the efficacy of self-regulation and so-called player protection measures the industry have introduced.

“We now have over 200,000 problem or at risk gamblers in Scotland, including 43 per cent of FOBT users. At the least, the Government must recommend a reduction in the maximum stake on FOBTs from £100 to £2 a spin.

“The SNP should limit the spread of FOBTs by strengthening planning laws on betting shops.”

In the manifesto, created by the SNP, they stated that FOBT’s were triggering “harm and hardship in communities across Scotland” and have suggested that they will aim to gain full power over them.

The UK Gambling Commission has stated that more needs to be done to tackle the issue of problem gambling.

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