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Can You Really Beat The Bookies?
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Can You Really Beat The Bookies?

Punters across the country are constantly trying to beat the bookies – but many fail for a variety of reasons. However, whichever sport or sports you like to bet on, be it horse racing, football, golf, tennis or a wide and varied selection of the world’s best sporting events – beating the bookies is a possibility!

So How can you Beat the Bookies?

Follow through with our advice below and you can improve your chances of beating the bookies and end each month taking money from them than they take from you.

Set yourself a Betting Bank

Whatever sports you choose to bet on, whatever system you adopt, whatever your average stakes – the biggest mistake the amateur punter makes is not starting with a big enough bank of money!

No matter how good a form student you are, you will at some point endure a longer than desired losing run – it’s just the nature of the beast. The red card that changes a football match, the last-fence faller, the nostril your selection loses by in a photo finish after being hampered in running, the injured tennis player, or the golfer that’s leading at the last hole only to choke big-style and hit it in the water. Whatever the reason you’re on a losing run, if your selection process is sound your bad luck will eventually turn into good luck.

However, it’s no good starting with just 5-times your intended stake. If you get your run of bad luck at the beginning you will have lost your money before your good luck arrives. And there’s nothing worse than watching all those selections win that you would have backed if you’d had the money – believe me – I learned that lesson the hard-way.

Pick the brains of many successful professional punters, and they’ll mainly tell you the same thing. Start betting with a bank containing 50 times your intended stake; meaning if you’re going to put £10 on each stake have £500 in your betting bank.

Of course if you start with a run of good luck, winning say £250 in a short space of time, you can consider increasing your usual stake. After winning £250, you’d then have £750 in your bank, and it may well be worth increasing your stake to £15 per selection, and so on.

Never Chase Your Money

The second biggest mistake that punters make is they get too greedy or impatient in the short-term. Whatever you set out to make, set out to make it over a reasonably long period – say a year.

If you have made just one selection in a day, based on whichever system you’re using, stick to that one selection whether it wins or loses. If it wins, don’t think I’ll just have another bet because my luck’s in. Equally, if it loses, don’t try and win your money back on another selection. Wait for the next selection your system throws-up – it’s the only way to make regular long-term profits. Even if your system tells you to wait a day or two or even longer for your next bet – be patient!

How to Beat the Bookies
Studying The Form

Whatever sports you bet on, to constantly win money you must be a good interpreter of the form book, and constantly reading the news for snippets of information that may give you an edge over the bookies.

Of course, many of you will be looking to betting to give you a steady supplementary income rather than doing it as your full-time living. If this is the case, you probably haven’t got time to do as much studying as you like. If this leads to your form studying being half-hearted – there’s a good chance you’ll be betting on selection you shouldn’t be and this usually leads to backing more losers than you should be, too.

Finding The Value

You’ve probably heard the old adage – a winner is a winner! Not true! If you’re constantly backing 1/2 shots that should be even-money – you’ll soon end up in the poor house. Even if you fancy a horse for your life there is still a price you should be backing it at, and one at which you should be leaving it alone.

The ability to price-up a sporting event is a skilled one. Many punters start by pricing up football matches as there are only 3 runners – home win, away win and the draw. However, pricing up a 20-runner national hunt handicap is much harder, and variables such as ground, distance, course, jockey, trainer-form all have to be factored into your analysis.

Following a Proven Tipster

With constraints on their time, many part-time punters looking to make a long-term supplementary income turn to proven tipsters who do all the leg-work for you.

It’s a tipster’s business to study sport on a full-time basis, to price-up an event and to decide if their selections are at the right price in terms of value.

Tipsters also understand that beating the bookies is a long-term endeavour, and stick to their carefully made selections without ever playing-up winnings or chasing losses in the short-term.

This understanding and ethos is at the heart of the Betting Gods stable of tipsters. We understand how difficult it can be for the average punter to find enough time to study the form book properly, and how easy it is to get caught-up in the moment and play-up winnings and chase losses.

It’s the reason that our tipsters have to prove their track record before we offer their services to you.

I often hear punters saying they’d never pay for information – and it makes me laugh – as the same people are quite happy to buy new tools to enable them to do their day job or put petrol in the car to enable them to get to the office.

Paying for tips is simply a way of guaranteeing that, in the long-term, you beat the bookies!

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  1. Thats great if you can find one that actually does the business most of them always seem to get a better price than most or the email gets held up etc,. Etc,.

    • Darren @ Betting Gods

      Hi Ken,
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  2. I joined Betting Gods about a month ago theses are the guys who wrote this piece. Now imagine each morning I get up to a number of racing tips of which I win about 85=90% of winners per day. It takes away all the research out of the days racing which is a huge benefit to me anyway. I won over 5000 in the last month and that was betting conservatively. So I would say I bet the bookies now. Warm regards from emerald Ireland Denis Raftis


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