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Politics : Betting On Trump
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Politics : Betting On Trump

Here at Betting Gods, we watched a bizarre film the other week. In the film, there was this orange guy that somehow managed to seize power and become the president of the United States.

Oh no wait, that wasn’t a movie, it was real life, we were watching Donald Trump’s inauguration as he officially became president.

The times they are changing, and what could this mean for America and the rest of the world? Only time will tell, but, we’re not here to talk about the doom and gloom of global politics. Instead, we thought we’d try and cheer some of you up that may be feeling a bit down after the Trumpster came into power. So, we took a look at some of the Donald Trump specials that are on offer from various bookies. Have a read of what we found, as we’ve listed the best ones that are most worthy of a cheeky punt:

To Not Complete His First Term In Office

This is probably the most popular special out there, as punters are already keen to see the end of Donald Trump after a few days in office. Bookies like Ladbrokes and Paddy Power both have this special on their site, with Paddy Power pricing it at 7/4 that he won’t complete his first term. Why is this worth such a punt? Well, just look at the man, he’s a walking talking controversy that can’t keep himself away from posting ridiculous tweets. Think about all the dirt people dug up in the last year alone when he was under the spotlight. Now, he’ll have four years in the brightest of spotlights, and I’m sure something will be dug up, or he’ll do something that means he’s out of the White House before his term is over.

Not To Be Re-Elected In 2020

If you think he’ll serve out his first term then maybe this bet will tickle your fancy instead. Ladbrokes have it at ½ that Trump won’t be re-elected in 2020. I think this is a fairly safe bet as I can’t see many people still riding the Trump train by then. Plus, this bet also covers the first bet too, if he gets impeached, you’ll come out as a winner too.

To Visit Russia By The End Of 2017

I’m surprised how decent the odds are for this bet, particularly when you consider Trump’s basically in love with Putin. Ladbrokes have him at 5/4 to visit Russia by the end of the year, which is entirely possible. He definitely seems intent on making friends with the Russians, and there’s all that dubious stuff about Russia being involved in the election. It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s already planning a trip there, but his advisors said it was ‘too soon’. I think by the end of the year he’ll have been to Russia, be it on a political mission or just for some fun.

Sean Spicer To Get Sacked As White House Press Secretary

If you’re not aware of Sean Spicer, then you will probably need some background info. Basically, he’s the bloke that held a press conference after the inauguration and blasted the media for making it look like hardly anyone turned up when compared to Obama’s inauguration in 2009. He went on a full-scale rant saying the pictures were wrong and distorted the facts. Then, he stated a few facts of his own claiming it was the most watched inauguration of all time. In short, he pretty much went a little bit crazy and started talking a load of nonsense to get people to think the media are selling fake news (sound familiar?).

On Paddy Power, you can bet when he’s going to lose his job, and I think this is a good market to dip into. Personally, I’d say Q3 2017 is a decent bet, and well worth a pop at odds of 9/1. My thinking is that after Q1 people will be like okay, he’s new to the role, let’s give him some time. He’ll probably have a few outbursts in Q2, and come Q3 Donald will have his advisors telling him this man is damaging our reputation and needs to go.

There you go, these are the best Donald Trump specials you should have a cheeky bet on. My mother always told me to make the best out of a bad situation, so you may as well cash in and place some bets while you can.

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