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Expert Guides : Betting For Fun
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Expert Guides : Betting For Fun

There are many misconceptions about betting; for example, only sport fanatics and gamblers bet, or you can bet only on sports.

The truth is that betting is more than just betting on the outcome of a sport match, or even on the roll of a dice, turn of a card, or spin of a roulette wheel. You can bet about who is going to win an Oscar this year, who is going to win your favourite reality tv show, or you can bet on who will be the next president of the United States of America. In reality if you can think of it then almost certainly you can bet on it!

Another misconception about betting is that people only bet to win some money. Many people bet for other reasons besides money. Some rewards are priceless and cannot be measured in any currency. For instance, the loser of the bet buys the winner a pizza or a shirt of the winner’s favourite team; the loser of the bet will have to shave his head; the loser of the bet will have to do something embarrassing; the loser of the bet will have to wear the shirt of the winner’s favourite team and post a picture of it online, etc.

Some people bet for free on fantasy sport websites, particularly the fantasy football types. Their goal isn’t to make a profit; betting on fantasy sport websites gives them a sense of satisfaction that, they have outperformed or outsmarted another person with their knowledge in football.

Betting in my opinion does make sporting events more interesting and sometimes a bet can make a boring match exciting or worth watching. Football matches can sometimes be uneventful or boring if neither team scores any goal or if the final score is even. The idea that, you can earn some money makes the match much more appealing and exciting.

Here’s just a few bets that people do for fun::

  1. One couple bet on who will win the Super Bowl this year. The winner of the bet determines their wedding colour.
  2. Will Jose Mourinho celebrate on the football court if Chelsea wins the title of this year’s Premier League?
  3. Will Jose Mourinho handshake the other team’s coach at the end of the match?
  4. Who will score the first or last goal?
  5. Will the pundit comment about the referee’s “error”?
  6. Will Rafael Nadal reach Roger Federer’s record in Grand Slam titles?
  7. How many times will Nadal will touch his crotch in a tennis match?
  8. What celebrity will attend at the next ATP tournament finals?
  9. Who will win the next World Cup?
  10. Which movie will get the Oscar for best picture?
  11. A bet on who will be this year’s best actor/actress?

Betting is more than just a gamble, and a great way to spend free time and to have some fun. A good wager also creates unforgettable memories. Sure you can bet to make some money, but you should also bet responsibly for the pleasure and enjoyment it can bring.

Betting is far much more than just a money making scheme.

My most recent fun bet was with my Son that I could get his Mum to recount one of her childhood stories within the next five minutes – Easy!!

What fun bets have you had recently?

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