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Are You Ready To Take The Punting Plunge?
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Are You Ready To Take The Punting Plunge?

Here at Betting Gods we continue to get a steady influx of inexperienced punters who are keen to take the first-step into making profits by betting. Therefore, we thought we’d talk you through the process step-by-step to try and make your experience with us as easy, fun and profitable as possible!

These steps include: The Betting Bank, Select A Tipster That Suits Your Preferred Betting Style, Trial Your Tipster, and Take The New Year Punting Plunge!

The Betting Bank

The Betting Gods ethos isn’t about trying to make a quick buck out of punters – it’s all about building long-term relationships between punters interested in making a long-term commitment and tipsters who have a track record for making long-term profits. However, no matter how good our tipsters have proved themselves to be, we can’t guarantee your first few bets won’t be losers (though we hope they won’t be!). Therefore, the most important thing you’ll ever do when taking the punting plunge is to start with the recommended betting bank. If you haven’t got the required betting bank, we recommend that you don’t take the punting plunge until you do have, as we want you to enjoy long-term profits, not short-term frustration.

Select A Tipster That Suits Your Preferred Betting Style

The second most important step you should take before taking the punting plunge is to make sure you pick a tipster to follow who shares your betting ethos. If you consider yourself a patient and selective person, one who maybe likes to see the reasoning behind why your tipster has recommended each selection, then choose a tipster who averages just 1-2 selections per day which come with a full-analysis. Alternatively, if you need some serious betting-buzz every day, then choose a tipster who provides around 4-6 bets every day.

Trial Your Tipster

Here at Betting Gods, we don’t even ask you to sign-up to a tipster straight away – although you can if you want to. Simply opt in to one of the weekly or monthly Tipster Trials that Betting Gods offers, as this way you can check out whether this is the right tipster for you. It’s up to you whether you just adopt a watching brief during your trial, or whether you use your betting bank to bet on the recommended selections.

Take The New Year Punting Plunge

2017 is a year in which we hope the tipsters at Betting Gods will supply you with fun and profits, and by the New Year you’ll hopefully have put together your Betting Bank, selected your Perfect Tipster, and trialled him throughout the festive period. If that’s true, then all you need to do is take the plunge and sign-up for a Monthly, Quarterly or Lifetime Subscription – and, hopefully, it will be a Happy New Year for everyone!

BK Amager v Vaerlose (16:00)

31/10/2020 | Basketball - Denmark Basketligaen

Tip: BK Amager

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17:45 Belmont Park

31/10/2020 | Horse Racing

Tip: Dreams Of Tomorrow

Provided By: US Racing Expert

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14:25 Down Royal

31/10/2020 | Horse Racing

Tip: The Storyteller

Provided By: The Outside Edge

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