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A Guide To Staking Strategies
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A Guide To Staking Strategies

Here at Betting Gods, we know we have a variety of experienced punters and betting-novices, so today we’ve decided to outline some of the world’s most adopted staking-strategies. Many of our tipsters adopt one of these strategies or a variant of them but, if you’re betting on your own selections, below are some of strategies you may want to consider.

Staking Strategies

Level Stakes

If you hear a punter saying he adopts a level-stakes strategy, it basically means he bets the same amount on every horse be backs, regardless of odds or whether his previous selections have won or lost.

Some punters will say that this system leaves no room in which to consider the value-merits of each selection, but many punters who adopt it consider that this level-stakes bet is the maximum bet they want to place on any horse, and therefore wouldn’t risk it on a horse if they thought it didn’t have a serious chance of winning.

It’s also a very easy staking system to adopt a betting bank for, and many punters will simply place one-point of their original 100-point betting bank on each selection.

Percentage Stakes

A Percentage-Stakes Betting Strategy varies slightly from a level-stakes strategy, in that you always bet the same percentage of your betting bank on each selection.

If you choose to bet 1% of your 100 points betting bank on your first-selection, then your first bet will be 1 point. However, should that selection win at 10/1, your next bet will then be 1% of 110 points – i.e. 1.1 points. Alternatively, if that bet loses, your next bet will be 1% of 99 Points – i.e. 0.99 Points.

This strategy helps the successful punter grow his betting bank quicker, and also helps slow down losses during a losing run, However, it again doesn’t allow any manipulation to consider the individual merits or perceived value of each selection made.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale Strategy has been around since the 18th Century, and the idea behind it is to place your first bet at an agreed base figure – which we’ll call one unit of our hypothetical 100-point bank. If your first bet wins, then your second bet will also be one point. However, should your first bet lose, the points placed on your second bet will then be based on not only winning but also winning back the stake you lost.

At its simplest, if the odds of your second selection are even-money, you will place a bet of two points. The first point will be your base-bet, and the second point will be the bet to win back the point you lost on your first bet.

This is a high-risk strategy, as your bets will increase exponentially if you encounter a long losing run. Therefore, it is a good idea to take into account your longest losing run, and then workout the betting bank you would have needed to avoid this losing run – meaning this is a betting strategy not for the faint-hearted.

Value Staking Plan

Whilst some professional punters stick rigidly to one of the 3 main staking systems highlighted above, many prefer a more flexible approach, often choosing to have a minimum bet and a maximum bet based on a percentage of their starting betting bank. This allows them to add a value-factor to each of their selections – and bet on them accordingly.

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