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A Guide To Speedway Betting
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A Guide To Speedway Betting

Speedway is one of the world’s most exciting sports, in which skilled riders power their one-gear machines on a tight, enclosed track at speeds of up to 70 mph with no brakes! There are few more dynamic, thrilling sports to bet on, and there is money to be made by the clued-up speedway bettor. Here’s our guide to help you get the most out of your speedway betting.

About The Sport

A speedway event consists of a series of short races known as heats. These races are four laps long and involve riders, usually in two teams of two, competing for points. The winner earns three points, the second picks up two points and the third gets one point. In team events, these points accumulate and determine the winning team, and in individual events, such as the Speedway Grand Prix, they decide the winning rider.

The speedway season runs from April to October, and the UK is home to some of the top competitions in the sport. The Elite League and the Elite League Knockout Cup are the premier UK team competitions, while individual riders can compete in the British Speedway Championship and the Elite League Riders’ Championship. There are also strong leagues in Poland, Denmark, Sweden, an Annual Speedway World Cup for national teams, and the Speedway Grand Prix, in which the world’s best riders compete for individual glory.

Speedway Betting Markets

Bookmakers that cover speedway should offer you a wide range of markets from which to choose. You can bet on the outcome of competitions or championships, race meetings, or even individual heats, though tournament outright markets tend to offer the biggest odds.

Handicap betting, in which weaker riders are given an advantage to produce a theoretically even contest, is a popular speedway betting option, although this can be a difficult market to master as the short duration of speedway heats can make it hard for stronger riders to exert their supremacy. But if you are convinced that one team or rider is going to thrash their opponents or cause an upset, handicap betting is one way to profit.

Factors To Consider When Betting On Speedway

There are a number of factors to bear in mind when betting on speedway, with the most important being the heavy workload placed on many riders. Some of the best riders in the world can be involved in five different competitions during the space of a week, which inevitably leads to injuries, last-minute withdrawals and fatigue-related issues. Staying on top of the latest injury news and being aware of each rider’s commitments can help you to stay ahead of the game and give you a betting advantage.

Weather is another important consideration. Speedway tracks are uncovered, so rain will inevitably affect the way the track rides. Some riders are better than others in wet conditions, and not every track is affected in the same way by bad weather, so knowing your riders and your tracks, and how they perform when the heavens open can give you a significant edge.

Another vital consideration is course and track form. Tracks vary considerably in their characteristics and some riders fare better at certain tracks than others. Look for how well riders have coped with individual tracks when competing in major competitions such as the Grand Prix or the European Championship. Where a rider has a particularly poor or strong record at a track, there is potential for you to profit, if no-one else has spotted it.

Finally, as with all betting endeavours, information is key. Pre-tournament or pre-meeting withdrawals are common in speedway, so if you want to be successful in your speedway betting, it is important to stay up to date on fitness, injury or illness news. Following individual riders on social media can also help you to glean important information, and there are numerous fan forums and message boards where the shrewd speedway bettor can uncover the occasional nugget of information.

The Best Bookmakers For Speedway Betting

Speedway is not as popular as football or basketball, and this factor, combined with its unpredictability, makes it less attractive to bookmakers than many other sports. But there are some betting companies out there that offer a decent range of speedway markets.

Bet365 is generally strong on speedway and offers markets on the three main leagues as well as Grand Prix events. They generally offer race and competition win markets, as well as win handicaps, eight-lap handicaps, over/under and head-to-head markets.

Unibet, Betsson and Betsafe also offer a similar range of markets, although they are not as comprehensive as those of Bet365, and Sportingbet are also worth checking out. But as with all forms of betting, speedway bettors should regularly scour the offers and markets provided by all bookmakers to find the best opportunities to profit from their knowledge.

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