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10 Weird Hobbies That’ll Make You Better At Betting
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10 Weird Hobbies That’ll Make You Better At Betting

Beyond professional betting it is also a great way to pass the time and gain more enjoyment out of different events. It’s amazing how much more exciting a sports event is when you have a bet on! It’s also no secret that some people are awful at betting. Try as you might, you just can’t get your bets to come in. You’ve tried everything, and can’t find any winners. Little did you know that all you needed were a few hobbies.

It’s true, there are many hobbies out there that can make you better at betting. Don’t believe me? Then check out this list:

Watch More Sports

Okay, the first hobby on this list isn’t so crazy, but, it’s very effective. If you watch more sports, you slowly become more in-tune with the teams and players. You’ll have more knowledge and can make bets with your head rather than your heart. If you’re betting on sports matches involving teams you’ve never watched before, then you’re asking for a loss!

Take Up Reading

There are a few books out there that can help you improve your betting tips. All you have to do is read them, and consume all the knowledge. But, even if there aren’t any involving betting tips, books can still be helpful. You could read some on different sports or sports psychology. It can help you make a more informed betting decision.

Learn How To Use Spreadsheets

On the face of it, learning how to use spreadsheets is about as weird a hobby as you can get. I won’t lie, it’s not the most interesting thing to do! However, it can be very beneficial to your betting career. If you can create spreadsheets, you’re able to document all your bets and see them in one place. It can show you where you won and lost. Therefore, you can see patterns emerge and notice where you lose most of your bets. So, you can avoid them and focus on the wins!

Play Video Games

Everybody loves playing their favourite sports video games. And, doing this can help you become much better at betting. Although it’s a virtual game, you can still learn stuff about players. Some professional teams have used games like Football Manager to scout players! It helps you get a better idea of teams and players, leading to better-betting knowledge. Plus, it’s not just sports games that you should play either. There are loads of games that incorporate betting/gambling features in them. Of course, in the games, you’re using virtual currency. So, you can’t win real money, but, you can refine your skills.

Start Playing A Sport

A key way to improve your betting win percentage is to specialise in one sport. No one is going to have the time to gain good knowledge on every sport. By specialising, you can put all your efforts into getting to know the sport. One hobby that helps with this is playing the sport itself. Start doing this, and you learn things about the game you’d never have known before. As such, this knowledge gives you a better chance at making good bets.

Learn How To Meditate

Believe it or not but meditation is a hobby that can make you better at betting. How?! Well, meditation is proven to help increase your willpower. This is a trait every good bettor needs to have. If you have no willpower, you’ll go crazy with your bets. You won’t know when to stop and can turn a profit into a loss. Meditate, improve your willpower and watch your betting improve.

Go Travelling

Travelling isn’t just for students taking a gap year to ‘find themselves.’ It can also be a great hobby for any bettor. Why? Because travelling opens up your eyes to different places. You can travel to different countries and see new and unique sports. It’s often the smaller sports that produce the best odds and best chances of winning. Also, while you travel, you can watch sports matches from foreign teams, meaning you can dip into foreign betting markets. Sometimes, moving away from sports in your home country is a great way to improve your success rate.

Play Chess

Yes, playing chess is a hobby that will improve your betting performance. I know, it seems weird, and extremely unconnected to betting. The fact is, chess is a game that requires a lot of skill and patience. Now, betting is something that also requires a lot of skill and patience. People who rush into bets are usually the biggest losers. The key is being patient and waiting until the best odds reveal themselves. Chess helps you improve your patience, and will make you better at waiting for the best bets.

Learn How To Trade On The Stock Market

When you think about it, stock market trading is very similar to betting (something we touch on here). You gamble with your money in the hopes of earning a profit. If you learn how to trade on the stock market, then you’ll gain valuable skills that translate into the betting world. You’ll learn how to find the best picks, and when the best time to sell is. This can help you cash out some bets for profits before they turn into losses! Plus, it’s a great hobby as you can earn some extra cash from stock market trading too.

Playing Poker

Most bettors will probably know what poker is, given that it’s one of the most popular gambling games out there. It’s also a great hobby to help improve your success rates. You can play poker and develop your decision-making skills. This greatly boosts your betting chances, as you need to make big decisions when placing bets. It gives your brain a workout and helps you gamble with more confidence. What’s more, you don’t have to play poker for money, there are plenty of ways you can play it for free.

If you’re struggling to make a profit from betting, then consider taking up some of these hobbies. They may be obscure, but, they’ll help you turn those losses into profits, believe me!

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