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Discover The Best Horse Racing Tips For Today
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Discover The Best Horse Racing Tips For Today

The internet has provided punters with a wide variety of sources to find the best horse racing tips for today. But as it can be a bit of a minefield out there if you don’t know what you’re doing, we thought we’d talk you through a variety of options:

1) Read Your Daily Newspaper Tips Online

If you’ve always liked to get your horse racing tips from daily sports papers or national or local newspapers, you might want to consider upgrading to an online subscription to your favourite newspaper.

Online newspaper subscriptions are normally only a fraction of the cost of getting a real newspaper delivered each day. Your newspaper’s best horse racing tips for today will also often be available online much earlier than they are in print.

Best Horse Racing Tips for Today

If you’re not sure how good a tipster is in a newspaper, you can check the Sporting Life Naps Table. Here, you’ll be able to see a tipster’s best horse racing tips for today alongside how well they have been performing during the season.

2) Check Out Top Horse Racing Bloggers

Reading a variety of horse racing blogs can be a great way to expand your knowledge of horse racing and get access to lots of horse racing tips. Horse racing bloggers tend to offer a detailed analysis of popular horse races, discussing trends and which horses fit those trends, and how that allows tipsters to shortlist horses and eventually come up with well thought out tips for horse races.

You can read celebrity horse racing blogs and blogs from top sports writers on sites such as At The Races and Sporting Life, although celebrities often don’t make the best horse racing tipsters.

And may we also draw your attention to the Betting Gods blog where we regularly post full race previews and tips.

3) Avoid Bookmaker Affiliates Who Offer the ‘Best Horse Racing Tips for Today’

There are hundreds of websites that belong to bookmaker affiliates that offer horse racing tips to anyone that wants to read them.

If you’re not sure what a bookmaker affiliate marketer is, it’s someone that gets paid by one or more bookmakers for sending online traffic their way. This may be a fixed fee for getting a new customer to sign up or a percentage of whatever you LOSE with that bookmaker.

That’s not to say that all horse racing tips from bookmaker affiliate marketers are rubbish, but the priority of these types of sites isn’t to make you money by providing you with a steady supply of profitable horse racing tips – they instead earn a commission of the money you lose with that bookmaker so having your best interests at heart might not be their priority.

These sorts of tipsters are particularly prevalent on social media. So if you’re looking for the best horse racing tips for today, you’d be best avoiding bookie affiliates who might just be looking for you to click their links and sign up to the latest and greatest best bookie.

4) Access Free Racing Tips for Today

We all love a freebie, don’t we? If we can avoid paying for something then we’ll always go for it. That’s why some of the best sources of racing tips for today… are FREE.

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None of the options are those dodgy free trials where you have to enter your credit card details upfront. Instead, they’re properly free. In most instances, you just need to provide an email address (to receive the tips) and they remain free for life.

Free Racing Tips – Visit Here

The name might be unimaginative but that doesn’t stop “Free Racing Tips” providing a decent service to members that is, as the name suggests, completely free.

Free Racing Tips launched way back in 2008 and since then have been sending out their free picks daily. They even cover some of the largest meetings in the UK from Cheltenham through to Royal Ascot.

Their free tips service is actually referred to as “Little Beauty” and tends to be a high odds longshot who they believe is incorrectly priced by the bookies in an effort to find you, the member, value in the markets.

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How could we not mention our own free offering? Every day, we send at least one free racing tip and one free football tip directly to your inbox. Each tip comes from our network of professional and paid tipsters so you know they’re from a quality source – not plucked out of thin air.

These really are (even if we do say so oursevles) some of the best horse racing tips for today that you can gain access to… Each and every day!

OLBG – Visit Here

In the betting industry, I would call OLBG a household name. In fact, I’d be surprised if you’ve never heard of OLBG or visited their site at some point in the past even if it was just looking for a bit of advice.

Their free tips offering is great. You do need to look past the bookie promos and banner adverts but once you’re able to do that, what they offer is perfect for punters. They provide tips for a whole variety of sports and the layout is clean.

A feature I particularly enjoy is the value rating which helps you to understand how much value there is. You can sort from high through to low value which I recommend doing so you can focus on the free betting tips which provide value.

MyRacing – Visit Here

Every day, MyRacing provide a range of free horse racing tips. They include their Nap of the Day, Next Best Pick, Nap and Next Best Double, Win Accumulator and their Mega Accumulator. I’m not a huge fan of multiples on the horses as I think they come in so rarely that they are simply for mugs.

But their nap and next best picks are definitely worth taking a look at.

5) Subscribe To Professional Racing Tipsters

If you’re one of those punters that finds it impossible to make a regular profit from betting on horse racing, it could be time to consider paying for tips from a professional horse racing tipster.

This can be a scary commitment, but a monthly subscription to a professional horse racing tipster services will normally cost you a similar amount to a monthly subscription to a decent daily newspaper. You’ll also be subscribing to horse racing tipsters that rely on subscribers to make their living, so providing you with profitable winners is in their best interests.

Your considerations when selecting a horse racing tipster subscription service may include the number of tips, time of delivery, return on investment, win rate and the average monthly profit.

Professional horse racing tipster services also won’t try and sting you with massive upfront payments. Instead, you’ll be able to pay monthly, cancel your subscription at any time, and even get a refund on your previous month if you’re not happy – or at least that’s what we offer with our tipsters at Betting Gods.

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