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Discover The Best Football Betting Predictions
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Discover The Best Football Betting Predictions

Trying to find football betting predictions that are well researched, well backed and high quality can be challenging. The internet is littered with garbage, unfortunately. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and have gone through and found the best source of quality football betting predictions for you, so you don’t have to:

#1 Betting Gods

How could we not start with ourselves on this list? We’ve been around since 2014 and have built one of the most reliable networks of sports betting tipsters you’ll find on the internet.

There are several ways you can follow the football predictions at Betting Gods. You can check out the Betting Gods blog where you’ll find a regular supply of football predictions for English Premier League football, cup matches, and international games. You’ll also be able to read lots of important information about how to improve your betting strategy.

Another great way to follow some of the best football predictions at Betting Gods is to sign up to receive daily free football tips from the top football tipsters at Betting Gods. These are offered on an ad hoc basis from professional football tipsters that regularly profit from betting on football and tips are provided for football matches around the world.

These tipsters also offer a subscription service, but you’re under no obligation to subscribe.

Other reasons why the Betting Gods football predictions are so popular is they come from tipsters that earn their livings from providing profitable football predictions. Betting Gods also offer low-priced trials of tipsters and offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied.

#2 Free Footy Tips

Over 11,300 members regularly follow free football predictions at Free Footy Tips and this popular football tipping site has been providing free football predictions since 2008.

The kind of football predictions you can expect include free daily football predictions and a free weekend football acca.

This is another popular website that offers subscription services to its VIP or Premium members, but the choice of whether to pay for extra football predictions is entirely up to you.

#3 OddsChecker

If you’re not already using OddsChecker to regularly compare the prices of your football predictions with a variety of bookmakers, this could be a good time to acquaint yourself with this popular odds comparison site.

But OddsChecker doesn’t just compare odds, it also offers football betting predictions from its inhouse staff writers. You can access football predictions for a variety of English Premier League matches, cup games, and internationals.

One thing you do need to know about OddsChecker football predictions is their primary function is to encourage punters to bet through the OddsChecker website. This is because OddsChecker is affiliated to most of the biggest bookmakers and makes a cut form every bet placed through its website – but that doesn’t mean their football predictions aren’t any good.

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#4 Sporting Life

Sporting Life is a popular sports news site that came about after the demise of the once-popular Sporting Life newspaper. It covers a wide variety of sports and makes a variety of football predictions for popular matches.

You’ll find football predictions for a variety of different matches and all come with write-ups from revered sporting journalists.

Sporting Life also offers links to Sky Bets Super 6 competition, which gives punter the chance to predict the correct scores in six different football matches for the chance to win £250,000.

One thing you should be aware of with Sporting Life is it has strong ties to Sky Bet and one of the UK’s biggest bookmakers obviously uses its football predictions and competitions to keep its members interested in football betting. But, again, that doesn’t mean its football predictions aren’t any good.


A household name in the sports tipping world, OLBG provide a plethora of completely free football betting predictions for you to check out. The tips are completely free and each is given a value rating.

As an OLBG member, you can even comment with fellow members on the tips to determine whether you think they’re any good or not.

Can You Trust Football Predictions on Twitter?

The majority of Twitter tipsters don’t charge a fee for their tips but instead earn a commission through their bookie affiliate deals.

This is when alarm bells ring instantly for us. In layman’s terms, when a bookmaker affiliate signs a punter up, they will earn a share of the revenue, generally around 30%, that the punter generates for the bookmaker. When you lose money, the bookmaker makes money and the affiliate takes a cut of those losses.

And that’s why alarm bells ring.

Bookie affiliates need you to lose money in order to make money. Now I have absolutely nothing against bookie affiliates. There are plenty of sites out there who promote offers from the bookies fairly, and if you join through their link they might make some money down the road.

Football Betting Predictions OddsChecker

OddsChecker, for example, is an affiliate. They provide a useful service for punters, I think you’d agree, but were you to sign up through their affiliate links and unfortunately lose money then they would pick up some commissions.

Alarm bells ring, however, when a tipster only makes money when a punter loses. As far as the follower of the tipster is concerned, the tipster should be providing high-quality tips which they expect to win and are hopefully backing themselves.

But this is completely counterintuitive when their business model relies on punters losing money. That’s why plenty of punters rightly have the question: Do Tipster Work for the Bookies?

In this case, although not directly employed by the bookies, it does seem they are working in partnership with the bookies so can they really be on your side?

Where Do You Get Your Football Betting Predictions?

Have we missed somewhere? Is there a decent source of football tips you rely on? Why not help out fellow punters by sharing it in the comments sections down below:

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  1. Just a thought here is with the affiliate’s, would it be possible to take their advice and over time bet against their advice and therefore win that way or is the percentage of losers too small to make a profit this way.


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