‘Behaviour With Gambling’ Report Released
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‘Behaviour With Gambling’ Report Released

The UK Gambling Commission has recently published its research paper ‘Gambling Behaviour in Great Britain 2015’.

The report, based on social research, delivers a full update on the gambling trends all throughout the United Kingdom. It examines the frequencies of participation, high risk gambling, people who have gambling problems and discovers the behaviours of those who fall into each category.

In addition to this, it is the first paper based on punters’ gambling behaviours since 2010.

The key results from the article include:

– Problem gamblers, which consists of 4% of all people who gamble, and being more common with people who take part in multiple gambling activities within the past year.

– 63% of adults had participated in some sort of gambling within the past year.

– Women are less likely to gamble than men.

– National Lottery is the most popular form of gambling, followed by scratch cards and smaller lotteries.

Those who fall in the middle age groups participate in gambling activities more than younger and older people.

Employed people were more likely to gamble than those who were unemployed or retired

Following this update on behaviours, Tim Miller of the UKGC said: “For many, gambling is an enjoyable leisure activity. But for some people gambling can become a problem with serious consequences for them, their families and their communities.

“Whilst overall problem gambling rates in Britain have remained statistically stable, our research suggests that in excess of two million people are at-risk or classed as problem gamblers, with very many more impacted by the wider consequences of gambling related harm.”

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“We have a clear commitment to make gambling fairer and safer and these figures show that this is a significant challenge. Success will depend upon us, the industry, government and others, all working together with a shared purpose to protect consumers. The pace of change to date simply hasn’t been fast enough- more needs to be done to address problem gambling.”

In addition to this statement, Chairman of the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board, Sir Chris Kelly said: “These new findings show that gambling continues to cause harm to a significant number of people in Great Britain. They underline the importance of the National Responsible Gambling Strategy being pursued with vigour by everyone with a role to play in its delivery.

“The Responsible Gambling Strategy Board’s published assessment of progress with the first year of the Strategy identified a number of priority actions where more can and should be done. Gambling operators have a responsibility for leading a large part of this agenda and need to demonstrate they are making a positive impact through their work to protect customers and promote safe play.”

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