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April 2019: The Winners And Losers

April 2019: The Winners And Losers

Firstly a disclaimer: This will not make pleasant reading!

I don’t think I’ve ever had to use the minus key so often when writing one of these tipster updates before and it’s the first time I remember ever having to announce the disappointing news that the Betting Gods tipsters collectively failed to make a profit.

At Betting Gods, we want to change this industry and it’s why we are completely open, honest and (if needs be) brutal about the performances of our tipsters… This month’s update is certainly going to fall into the latter. But let’s begin with the rare rays of sunshine we did find in April:

The Winners

Picking the top performer in April is easy thanks to The Bookies Enemy and his standout profit in April. He managed to generate over 118pts profit during the 30 days of April to live up to his name and prove he knows exactly what he’s doing. It wasn’t achieved with inflated stakes and the odd lucky win either as he also achieved an unheard of 116% ROI.

Next up it’s the ever reliable Quentin Franks Racing who picked up another 23pts profit in April to bring his 2019 tally up to over 180pts profit. It’s safe to say that members of the service are happy with the first third of 2019.

9.90pts and 6.60pts profit actually put Flat Racing Master and Ultimate Football Tips as the third and fourth best-performing tipsters of April respectively which just goes to show how much of torrid time the majority of tipsters had in April.

The Losers

We head to the bottom of the table to start with Football Acca Tipster who went from being one of the top performing tipsters after the first few weeks in April to the worst by the end of the month. He was on a roll and then suddenly the results kept falling on the wrong side of his tips and eventually, the profit was wiped out.

Golf Betting Expert lost the second highest amount in April, just over 30pts profit. The thing with Craig’s service is that it takes just one winner to turn a poor month into an epic month and boy did he come close. He picked 4 placed selections up at 40/1, 40/1, 23/1 and 23/1. It certainly wouldn’t have taken much for the service to have made it into the winner’s section.

Premier Greyhound Tips lost 26pts in April simply caused by fewer winners than usual. In fact, his strike rate in April was 45% lower than average. The great news is that he has already recovered the losses in April by making 28pts in May.

Each Way Leader, Each Way Expert, Master Racing Tipster, Chloe’s Football Focus, Top NHL Betting Tips and Top Football Tipster all lost between 20pts and 25pts each… Plenty of these tipsters rarely get mentioned in the ‘losers’ section so we fully expect to see them turnaround their performance from April to recover the losses.

The Overall Picture

It’s bad. We know it’s bad. And we’d never try and fluff it up to make it something that it’s not. We fully expect tipsters to hit a bad month, it happens to the best tipsters. What we never expect to happen is for 75% of our tipsters to hit that bad month at the same time.

The good news is that plenty of tipsters have turned things around in May and the network as a whole is already showing a profit after the first week of May.

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Here’s a breakdown of how things went in April:

Tipster NameProfit in PointsProfit with £10 Stakes
The Bookies Enemy118.50pts£1,185.00
Quentin Franks Racing23.27pts£232.70
Flat Racing Master9.90pts£99.00
Ultimate Football Tips6.06pts£60.60
Cricket Betting Tipster1.00pts£10.00
QF Value Tips-0.44pts-£4.40
Phoenix Racing-6.64pts-£66.40
The Boxing Betting Tipster-11.00pts-£110.00
US Sports Capper-13.81pts-£138.10
Each Way Leader-20.62pts-£206.20
Master Racing Tipster-23.72pts-£237.20
Top Football Tipster-23.79pts-£237.90
Top NHL Betting Tips-24.89pts-£248.90
Each Way Expert-25.66pts-£256.60
Chloe's Football Focus-25.80pts-£258.00
Premier Greyhound Tips-26.00pts£260.00
Golf Betting Expert-30.40pts-£304.00
Football Acca Tipster-49.77pts-£497.70
Total Profit-123.81pts-£,1238.10

If you follow any of the tipsters, let us know in the comments section below who you’ve enjoyed following or even who you’re not enjoying:

Top Football Tipster

£1,171.35 Total Profit

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Monthly Profit



The Horse Conqueror

£1,363.20 Total Profit

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    • Darren @ Betting Gods

      Thanks for the comment Jordan, currently we’re proofing 60 different tipsters so rest assured we’re always on the lookout for other tipsters.
      That 100% record of profit every month this year by Ultimate Football Tips does take some beating though.


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