April 2018: The Winners And Losers

Posted May 1, 2018

By Lewis @ Betting Gods

April didn’t quite hit the dizzying heights of March and its 357pts of profit but it came close with over 309pts of profit, a figure we’re particularly happy with. April saw quite a lot of change to the Betting Gods network. We gained eSports Betting Tipster, Speedway Guru and JB Racing Tips. But also lost Pro Footy Tips, Footy Doubles and The Sports Guru.

But who performed well and who’s well below par?

The Winners

The clear winner for the month is the newly listed JB Racing Tips. There’s no way you can avoid being impressed by 219pts of profit with a 70% return on investment. With a performance quite this good, we’ve had plenty of naysayers. That’s why, if you’re not convinced, we’d recommend keeping an eye on the GeeGeez review.

Next up is Rod’s Runners who has been featured in The Winners section nearly every month he has been with us. It’s another 139.50pts of profit added for him in April bringing his total for the last 12 months to a bonkers £10,038.68 with £10 bets?!

Top 20 Golf Tips continues to impress. Once a week, he sends out a list of golfers to back to finish in the Top 20 of their tournament. It seems to be paying off with another 44.65pts of profit added in April which means his cumulative profit since launching is now over 700pts.

eSports Betting Tipster certainly had a lot of people confused: Can you really bet on kids playing video games?! Well the answer is not only can you bet on them, but you can make a profit. eSports Betting Tipster pulled in just over 33pts of profit in April.

QF Value Tips, Premier Greyhound Tips, Big Race Bookie Busters and Master Racing Tipster all deserve to be mentioned here too as they made between 25 and 30pts of profit each.

The Losers

It’s only fair that we start with the worst performer of the month and that’s Golf Betting Expert. He’s making too much of a habit of being listed under The Losers so we’re keeping an incredibly close eye on it. If we can find 1 positive, it would be that he recommends tips at averages of 98/1 which does mean just 1 winner can turn a whole month around for him.

Next up, and surprisingly, is Quentin Franks Racing. He was once the most consistent tipster at Betting Gods, producing a reliable stream of income from the horses. But the last few months have been a bumpy ride. Quentin has just under 4 years of results which prove he knows his stuff so we’re just hoping he can find his past form sooner rather than later.

Robert Fraser’s Tennis Tips is another tipster making too many appearances in The Losers so is another we will be watching closely throughout May.

Others who performed poorly include Each Way Leader, Max Racing Partnership and The Bookies Enemy. We are not worried in the slightest about these as they are strong performers who have just hit a small bump. This just goes to show that even the best tipster can and will hit the odd losing month and why it’s important to have a long term view when it comes to following a tipster.

The Overall Picture

Overall, it was a solid month from the Betting Gods tipsters. Worryingly, a few tipsters have made a repeat showing at the bottom end of the table and have dragged the network-wide profit down so we will be keeping an eye on them. But plenty of tipster, 14 in fact, ended April with a solid profit and we’re just hoping those same tipsters can repeat that in May.

Here’s the full breakdown of how each tipster performed in April 2018:

Tipster NameProfit in PointsProfit with £10 Stakes
Total Profit309.25pts£3,092.50
JB Racing Tips219.00pts£2,190.00
Rod's Runners139.50pts£1,395.00
Top 20 Golf Tips44.65pts£446.50
eSports Betting Tipster33.23pts£332.30
QF Value Tips30.44pts£304.40
Premier Greyhound Tips28.66pts£286.60
Big Race Bookie Busters27.43pts£274.30
Master Racing Tipster24.20pts£242.00
Top Rated Runners15.79pts£157.90
Flat Racing Master14.43pts£144.30
Chloe's Football Focus9.74pts£97.40
Speedway Guru6.08pts£60.80
The Football Formula2.55pts£25.50
The Boxing Betting Tipster-6.50pts-£65.00
The Football Guru-8.23pts-£82.30
Each Way Leader-10.66pts-£106.60
Max Racing Partnership-16.07pts-£160.70
Value Racing Tips-19.40pts-£194.00
The Racing King-19.79pts-£197.90
The Bookies Enemy-22.76pts-£227.60
Draw Master-34.81pts-£348.10
Robert Fraser's Tennis Tips-37.13pts-£371.30
Quentin Franks Racing-51.85pts-£518.50
Golf Betting Expert-59.25pts-£592.50

If you follow any of the tipsters, let us know in the comments section below who you’ve enjoyed following or even who you’re not enjoying:

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