An Interview With MMA Fighter Ben Davis
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An Interview With MMA Fighter Ben Davis

Following the recent MMA event in Malta on 4th November we were honoured to catch up with one of the fighters, Ben Davis, who quite frankly has an admirable approach to life and his sport.

What attracted you to MMA and how did you get started?

I got into MMA to test my skills as a martial artist. To learn the mastering of movement & myself. To attain freedom of the self & become one with the Martial Arts & teach others how to do the same. Life taught me as a very young boy the world can be a scary place. I learned to fear many things around me & wanted to protect people from them. This was the beginning of my battle with fear.

The first time we saw you fight was in Malta on 4th November, congratulations on the win.
How much preparation do you make before a fight and how much training do you do per week?

In all honesty it’s hard work. I do my training at Team Shaolin MMA, Ryoshin MMA & Galway City Gym in Ireland. I train 2-3 times a day 6 days a week & on the 7th day I still do some cardio. I have to eat at the correct times between sessions & recover in order to do it all again. Train, eat, sleep, repeat!
I do this routine over an 8-10 week period. The last couple weeks can be the hardest trying to manage fatigue & avoid injuries.

Do you have any particularly memorable fights, either for good or bad reasons?

I remember every detail of every fight I ever had. I gained valuable strength from each of these experiences. So I couldn’t tell you a KO victory was more memorable to me than me getting my ass kicked. Sometimes we need to fall so we can learn to pick ourselves up. This is why I have a Phoenix on my back. I hope my life tells a story not of invincibility but of overcoming vulnerability in the face of overwhelming adversity.

What plans do you have for the future in MMA?
Are there are belts you’re aiming for or other fighters you’d like to challenge?

My Shehan (teacher) Tony Carrick has big plans for the future. We have a lot of good opportunities open to us right now. The dream has always been Champion of the World! My cause has always been to raise awareness, love & compassion in the world! With the slogan “Some thing’s are worth fighting for”
99% vs 1% ruling class. The 99% are my cause. Facing me is to face my cause & my cause is mighty!

Moving away from MMA do you follow any other sports?

I am a huge follower of sports. Since a child sport fascinated me.
In recent years I have become saddened by so many cases of corruption in sports with regards to P.E.Ds & A.D.As. So much so that I now question are my childhood heroes real or just cheats. I truly hope that all this gets stopped once & for all. So we can once again have faith in our sporting heroes!

Finally for anyone interested in becoming involved in MMA what advice would you give?

I would tell them “creation starts with a thought” if you can conceive it, you can achieve it. Then I would tell them to find a coach & Academy who will become there new family and help them realise there dreams!

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