An Interview With Geir – Professional Football Tipster

Posted October 23, 2017

By Darren @ Betting Gods

Hi Geir, could you just introduce who you are and what you do?

Hi, it’s been 30 years since I started in this “industry”. For 20 years I had my own operations doing Sportsbetting brokerage, Betting agency, Toll line betting- , live- and result service, Sportsbetting Paper Editor, and then starting up a Bookmaker company at Malta with two other guys, that was merged with another two years later. 1997 I wrote and published a book in Norwegian: “Sportsbetting for a living”

2000 – 2010 I had a private Sportsbetting Investment Fund, about 150 investors with quite big amounts trusting my ability to pick selections with profit in the long run. With the ups and downs of high odds football betting I managed to ninefold the “stock price” in almost 10 years.

For different external reasons I retired from the professional betting life, picking up my part time high school teacher job, teaching economics. Since then I just kept on betting privately, still honing the model I used with the funding and providing my betting advice via Pro Footy Tips.

How did you get into betting on the football? Why football?

Football was my youth passion. I played at a lower level and like many other Norwegians I was following the TV-games every saturday from England, everyone supporting some team over there. During winter we have english games on our pools coupons, so my betting interest started there, already in my youth working out my own systems and stats models. Until 1986, when the odds coupons arrived here, and I was hit for life by some “bacillus” :)

And how did you decide to make the move from just betting to providing tips?

Not really a hard decision. I didn’t realize there were platforms like this until a year ago, so I went for a trial here. With my experience and since long established betting model I figured this might make my betting even more disciplined, and make me even more motivated to search for alternate approaches. By going public I also fancy the idea that people in general realize that it’s possible for anyone to make a living out of betting. You may say this is a kind of “mission” to me.

How do you go about selecting a match to bet on?

To me it’s mainly about team psychology, read out of stats. My youngest son made me an app, making it possible to identify possible teams without browsing the football world manually. These teams are then scrutinized in light of other parameters, to see if they qualify. Then again, money management is also an essential part of the picture.

Football betting offers extensive bet types, do you prefer to keep it simple with your bets and why?

I choose to keep it simple, but still do experiment with alternative approaches. I always made my profits by betting moneyline. The big advantage by following a tipster here is liquid markets – odds don’t tend to bet slashed like with side bets, they may even move the other way. However, during big tournaments like WC or EC I have a nice strategy doing some halftime and score bets.

Are there any particular matches or tournaments you will avoid?

Not really, but I don’t focus much on friendlies and other more or less insignificant games.

And are there any which you know are easy money makers as a tipster?

The football is too round to call anything easy :)

What would you say is the number 1 mistake that punters make when betting on the football?

That there’s no long term strategy supporting the bet. The other one is bad money management, often there is no money management at all.

Do you have any final words of advice for anyone looking to make a side income from betting on the football?

Pick a portfolio of 3-4 proven tipsters ( 1 year + ) in markets that you can obtain the same or close to the same price average. Remember, you can still do your own “gut feeling” picks, as long as your stake level don’t exceed the level of a single tipster you follow. This modus operandi should ensure an all over profit.

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    ‘To me it’s mainly about team psychology, read out of stats.’

    Can you give an example of what you look for initially in your strategy to identify selections.

    Curious on how the mind of a tipster works/thinks

    • Avatar

      Hi Matthew.
      I will not disclose how the app works, but in general I look for teams that suddenly get a result that may be particularly flattering or unflattering to the team / club. The way players or the team get affected about the community or media heavy critics or praise, I firmly believe it affects next performance(s).
      Although not always affected by the community, the uncommon last result may in itself affect players’ psychology in a way that make them kind of repeat it.
      Almost every week you will find examples of this scenario among my picks.


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